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  1. Amit Kumar Mishra

    New installation blank page

    this will be great idea but what if the provider is having php <7? will you be providing the hotfix for the lower versions as well then
  2. Amit Kumar Mishra

    ini_set(): A session is active.

    hi @Paul, @Tyson i did a fresh install of 4.4, and seems like things are in control now did some excessive testing till more than 2 hours, the errors did not dared to appear in your latest codes great work... so the solution is upgrade to the latest but wait, if there is something which creeps later on, i will post here but thanks a million mates
  3. Amit Kumar Mishra

    ini_set(): A session is active.

    did not try the other versions will try and let you know there is no premature output, also the issue gets on, even in the default blesta template i was using 4.3, did the updates as you had mentioned in the other thread i will do an upgrade/updated install, and let you know if there is the same issue but any work around without the commenting out of the lines in sessions.php? thanks amit
  4. Amit Kumar Mishra

    ini_set(): A session is active.

    hi i keep getting this error quiet often ini_set(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time on line 61 in localhost/blesta_install/vendors/minphp/session/src/Session.php the only way to get this to work is to reinstall i tried removing the sessions fields from the tables, but it again gives this error when i comment out the line 61, it then gives error ini_set(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time on line 171 when i comment out line 171, the error, goes off but my concern is will this be a security breach, or will it cause some issue, not sure by the way i am using php7.2.x environment if i update the files as mentioned by @Tyson, in the thread any help would be welcomed thanks amit
  5. the exact way to make it work also myisam is is non-transactional
  6. Amit Kumar Mishra

    domain namesilo

    not sure, i will have to test before i comment further may be some staff from blesta may give a proper reply
  7. Amit Kumar Mishra

    domain namesilo

    hi @mukesh, i feel this actually is not a bug as i feel it you, most probably would be using the namesilo plugin you could check with them this may be more of namesilo issue than blesta more over, is this a fresh install or an upgrade/update install
  8. Amit Kumar Mishra

    blesta error namesilo

    in the php ini editor, you may increase the time to 300 from 30 although this is a huge time, and things must get executed within this time, but you may try and comment here if this works also to mention, under 30seconds, at times the blesta, wordpress, etc installer also fails do update if this resolves the issue
  9. Amit Kumar Mishra

    New Blesta User

    you know something @throttle, the more you use it, the more you will start to love it
  10. Amit Kumar Mishra

    is it possible to get two routes in the same config

    humm so far, so good at least one help.. i will do this and test it ASAP, and update you here, in case there is some issue, and in case i require a bit more guidance
  11. Amit Kumar Mishra

    password reset error

    +1 for security measures how can you #BlestaDevelopers think every thing from the begening great work @Paul & Team
  12. Amit Kumar Mishra

    password reset error

    hi when we try to reset our password (client side) and enter any password, it says "email sent" rather it should say "invalid email" or "email not found", or any thing meaningful, incase the email is not registered with the blesta install this is just a suggestion not sure, if this has ever been brought to notice or not, not even sure, if any work is being done on this or not in case this is already on the to-do list, this may just be ignored
  13. Amit Kumar Mishra

    Blesta 4.4.0 Beta 1 Released

    but Brijesh wrote to me what i wrote here but yes, you know i was after you since long to get this done, and was also after Brijesh and his team to get this done they never told me that they are working on it, they just said they will work when the release gets stable but i am eagerly awaiting this plugin thanks for updating me @Paul
  14. hi developers i was working on something for blesta, at present you may call it a plugin where i get stuck is if i keep can setup two routes say, in // Route all except the following to the CMS plugin (if the plugin exists) if (file_exists(PLUGINDIR . 'cms')) { Router::route('^(?!' . $admin_loc . '|api|callback|cron|404|uploads|' . $client_loc . '|install|order|plugin|widget)', '/cms/main/index/$1'); } the functionalities of my plugin dont serve the pages now if i put my plugindir . 'mydir' the plugin i am coding is working, but the blesta's own cms portal is not working what i aim to achieve is the cms (portal plugin to work) and along with it, my plugin to serve a few pages, either static or dynamic so, i am stuck with how to get both the things to work? any help from any developers would be highly appreciated thanks