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  1. wow promoting blesta integrations bumping old threads and all that using whmcs... this is interesting
  2. not sure mate may be you have to do some customization is the miniphp mvc thing but not sure may be @Paul or @Tyson may be able to guide on this
  3. may be by use of .htaccess
  4. Amit Kumar Mishra

    mysql 5.7

    totally compatible no effects what issues are you facing?
  5. you may contact @GosuHost
  6. i agree, in the past i have mentioned it a few times to @Paul, but i do not see any option to flag the post this would be a good feature to add to our forum
  7. hi many a times i have seen people registering and posting various spam in blesta forums today also there is a post related to some bio thing should there be a "flag" option, by which it may be brought to the moderators or admins notice, as somebody flags the comment or thread also there should be some active moderators, around, to look into these thanks amit
  8. by the way @MiddoWeb, would you mind, letting the community know why you left blesta and started using whmcs?
  9. this is where you request for new features https://requests.blesta.com/ and if my reply was fruitful enough, you may thanks me
  10. 1. not to complain, blesta and its forums community is always up to help 2. there is as feature request section, may be a feature be requested there, and then a forum thread be opened to vote for it, so that it is considered.
  11. may be @Tyson would be able to guide you on this, or may be a few more people who work with API's
  12. did you contact @GosuHost, he is an excellent developer
  13. i personally do not understand if you are complaining or showing concerns over feature improvements.
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