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  1. @Eric W this is integration not merge in case you require help, you may PM me, and i will guide you
  2. you mean to know the pricing of the license module its given on the site you may also PM @Paul, or open a ticket with blesta
  3. generally the user name is the first eight character may be there should be an option to key in the username since i havent checked this, i may not write much but just only that the 1st 8 character let the devs take care of this
  4. wonderful move will this be integrated in the next release? also is other any other updates for any other panel in the pipeline?
  5. since you know if i am a client or not also to test i would require it to be installed at my end, i would wait till then
  6. if you would read properly, you would then understand what i meant moreover neither am i getting snarky nor getting an attitude with you if you have spotted some bugs, it should be reported to the developer, not to me, if i release some software, you are welcome to point the bugs in it, to me, and i shall be happy to serve you
  7. thanks for point out that things are buggy more over lets be mature
  8. hi it seems like its php version specific issue, let the developer look into
  9. but should we not have an option to allow old backups from the admin panel?
  10. what else is there in this vps i have seen vps's with very low load averages and i doubt such incidents it must be some other culprit in your vps
  11. i feel so that presently blesta has the system of backingup may be it will go on and on and on may be you should open a request for this feature (remove old backups) but you never know till what day you may require the backups additionally you may do it manually
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