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  1. i feel you have all whats got for it, in blesta welcome onboard
  2. well... not sure about blesta 4.6 but the other 4.x versions did require it
  3. if @Paul wins lottery, i am sure blesta will become more robust, and may be even free...
  4. exactly what i had suggested...
  5. the guy never wanted a plugin he just wished to get the results of the integrity check, after the installation by the way, if you use blesta, you know very well its there even after the install so i advised to do a test run every time he wished to get the check, but do not complete the installation, just run the 1st page, and after that, remove this would be without any pain, provided the locations are different
  6. as i have mentioned any update never disables the modules, also i have mentioned to run the install in some separate location, just till the first page, or check the php.ini or the phpinfo()
  7. haha actually you know the installer never turns off any thing you have enabled also its kept right before the install, so that the install happens correctly, so you may note those things being displayed there and afterwards, post installation, whatever server config changes you do, you may run the php.ini and check if those are still enabled or not moreover, if any important module is removed or unloaded, it may effect blesta functionality, in some or the other way - from support ticket to license to any things moreover, we never disable those which are ever asked to be enabled during any install and one thing which is never advisable is you may always run a test install to check the things, but never run it completely, just to the first screen, may be this will resolve your needs
  8. hey whats up mate so many reserved posts and you said about integration but nothing in here
  9. true you have to use payment gateway, to use credit card
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