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  1. hi in the blesta api what do i give in the key="?"
  2. blesta has addon company so with a little extra you may run it with 2 sites or may be keep the billing on one ip and both the sites somewhere else
  3. but some times back blesta did allow the ckeditor
  4. hi i am able to enable ckeditor for the portal plugin but for the blesta-cms (community as well as the paid) plugin i tried every thing, and the ckeditor wont enable any help form any one would be largely welcomed thanks
  5. yes i agree but how to achieve 2 different billing dates i guess this is very vague what i am looking for... will it be possible?
  6. i see the plugin working only in 3 panels but softaculous has support for other panels as well any ETA/idea on it working with other panels as well
  7. hi say i have a scenario A. you purchase my product before 15th of the month i then wish to have a separate billing date for you (say 1st of the month) and ofcourse prorated B. you purchase the same product after 15th of the month i then wish to get you billed on a separate date (say 15th of the month) prorated i do not know if this is possible till now i have not been able to achieve it any help would be welcomed thanks
  8. its easy you click on the product to your left you get the details to renew the support and updates
  9. i believe, even the developer of this module left the development also with the recent cpanel pricing, why not use directadmin or other stuff?
  10. may be all can vote here https://requests.blesta.com/topic/openstack-module then may be @Paul, might consider
  11. https://www.payubiz.in/ https://requests.blesta.com/topic/payubiz-in-payment-gateway-module-non-merchant
  12. just created a feature request https://requests.blesta.com/topic/mass-change
  13. here its mentioned at the starting of the thread...
  14. hi if any one is using the www.pay.nl gateway, as i did not see its module/plugin in the blesta folder kindly let me know if this is available thanks amit
  15. hi i am from India like in EU, you have VAT, here in india we have GST in the order form i am able to add the tax at the gst rate, thats not an issue but as in EU, if i take a services from them, they remove the VAT for me, so how do i remove the GST (the extra tax component) from the orders/invoices of non-Indians, if you take a service from me kindly help thanks amit
  16. not really best you got many options also to quote, since around 5+ years, in their roadmap, they have been pushing behind the ipv6 implementation for this simple issue, i wont consider it best but "free & simple", "yes" and there you go cwp, ispconfig, and many more, i recommend (vesta too, but ofcourse not the best)
  17. when you talk about nav bar, do you mean to get something like the dropdown for the order forms under the order may be what i understand?
  18. 1. you do not require a root access 2. you just need to install blesta and take the multi company 3. you then need to set the addon domain to the main domain, and you get the second company to use blesta 4. then go ahead and setup the second company from within blesta for sure, this writeup is not a tutorial, just mean to be for information that, for multicompany you do not require a root access
  19. i feel you have all whats got for it, in blesta welcome onboard
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