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  1. Yup, that's it! Each province (there must be some other country on this planet as crazy as us for this) might have a provincial tax and a federal tax, each having different rates for their jurisdiction as well as different applications of the taxes. My responsibility would be to set Level 1 as Provincial and Level 2 as Federal so that it can be applied consistently across the board. That way, your concept above works!
  2. That would definitely work for the client but even from product to product, some will have 1 of the taxes and some will have both, even with the same client in the same province. The issue being that some products are exempt from provincial taxes but not the federal tax so if we can set which taxes are applicable to each service/invoice item as well, that'd do it.
  3. Thank you for the response. Yes, that does make it incompatible for compliance in many provinces in Canada. To be completely compliant, many areas need the ability to exempt either one or both levels of tax on a per client and a per product basis. Not fun!
  4. Came back today and played with the demo again for a bit. (I'm persistent at least and really want to utilize this software!) Seems like the sales tax stuff is considerably better than it was a few years ago. What I still see missing is the ability to exempt a particular client from either or both level 1 and level 2 taxes (regardless of location) and the ability to exempt either or both level 1 and level 2 taxes on a per item basis when creating invoices, services and packages. Has anyone been able to achieve this with a some custom coding? I'm considering installing the demo a
  5. Still no solution. Have you found anything? I have something that is all manual action that I scripted about 22 years ago. Definitely not the best solution but tax audits have made it clear what we have to do.
  6. Hi there! I am still searching for a solution that handles the taxes the way we need them. For the time being, I'm still using an archaic Perl script setup I created back about 22 years ago I REALLY need something more modern. lol
  7. doing my annual check-in to see if a solution is here yet...
  8. I guess there's been no movement in this area with how taxes and exemptions on a per tax and per product basis are handled?
  9. Different provinces (and territories) in Canada have different rules. There is GST (the federal sales tax that every province has), PST (which each province can set their own rate and rules for and, in one province, there is no PST), and HST (which in some provinces is a combined PST and GST (Harmonized Sales Tax) that is collected by the federal government on behalf of the province). In British Columbia, where I am located, some products are subject to PST and GST, and some are PST exempt and you only charge GST. If you are selling to another province, you collect either the G
  10. The problem as I see it (and would be happy to be corrected) is that you can't exempt 1 of multiple taxes on some products, and for some customers. As well, the invoice doesn't break out each tax separately, it only combines them.
  11. Just having a look through the v4 demo and it appears that the required sales tax setup for Canada is not part of it. So, I'm wondering how I can go about getting that done? Is the codebase such that someone can write a custom module or can it be included? Basically, what we have is a multi sales tax system, all of which must show separately from the price. Some provinces/territories have a single tax (HST or GST). Some provinces/territories are both GST and PST. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_Canada for more info). We also require the ability to produc
  12. Went in to edit the phone number of an existing client and when I click "Modify Client" after making the edits, I get a "That username has already been taken." error and it doesn't update. Loaded user, changed phone from Mobile to Work, and changed phone number. Try to save modified client. URL: /admin/clients/edit/1/ Running Blesta v4.0 on a WHM (62.0 b17) based CentOS server (PHP 5.6.27, mySQL 5.5.54-cll)
  13. Thanks, Paul. Yes, I could see this being a useful one for sure! This looks great. We're hoping to look at the possibility of developing some modules as well. First thing we have to tackle is some code modifications to enable the ability to exempt one, the other, or both taxes on invoices and by user. That's a deal breaking requirement for some of the Canadian provinces in handling sales taxes. Cheers!
  14. I've been sifting through the forums and haven't found anything recent that answers my specific scenario. (lots of WHMCS import answers but not a vanilla install). Looking to implement Blesta as our client billing system for hosting and custom work we do. For the past 25 years, I've been using an in-house developed system but it's time to look at something like this and Blesta looks amazing. I'm not looking to import our data form our accounting system but I'm wondering if there's a way to import the packages and cPanel accounts that are already existing on the servers or a
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