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  1. Sorry for the delay in clarification! Here are the things I'm looking for spelled out a bit better. As before, I'm open to clarifying questions! I'd like to be able to set up Amazon Web Services using Blesta, so that if a client wanted to set up Wordpress without an EC2 instance, that could be properly set up, and all the pieces they choose along the way, such as: domain registration, Route53, e-mail (Amazon Workmail), etc. Then, I wouldn't necessarily need cPanel running on an EC2 instance. Being able to set up a cPanel account with blended services. By that I mean, moving e-mail
  2. I really like having the ability to set up client sites on my cPanel server automatically. It would be great to be able to set up specific services such as WordPress, or any of a number of additional options, and have my clients be able to manage them through the Blesta portal. If you need additional clarification of this feature request, please do not hesitate to ask!
  3. Thanks for your response. I'm on php7, so that was a good catch!
  4. @calottery, my experience has been consistent for well over 6 months. I'm sorry your experience was different, and you clearly handled your issue in a way that did not extend any courtesy, or allow room for an amicable solution. I've had license problems with Adobe, and they're miserable to work with and resolve. I've had license issues with Microsoft Office 365 in a Windows environment where the PC forgets that it is already authenticated with the license server and repeatedly prompts to reconnect. Microsoft's solution? Delete the assigned PC user, and resend the invitation. Bottom li
  5. Done! I look forward to another forum to discuss and share Blesta!
  6. I have finally uncovered some of the gear I will need to work on my configuration. I've managed to get the alarm panel wired, and reconnected in the new house. Talk about needing to get several things in place first! My basement had a total of three outlets. Two were already in use by the sump pump and ejector pit, and the other one was underneath the breaker panel. My first new outlet was to my desk so I could replace the precarious extension cord that my UPSs kept complaining about! Then, once we got some more pressing things done, I finally added two more duplex outlets to what will be s
  7. I was shocked to see this review, as Michael Dance has consistently gone above and beyond in helping our cloud hosting company transition from WHMCS to Blesta. We would still be stuck with a platform that, while familiar, was creating more problems for us than it was solving. I recently realized that the commonly accepted notion that "the customer is always right" does not always apply. Allow me to illustrate. Suppose I go to a brick and mortar electronics retailer for the advice their sales professionals provide, knowing full well I'm going to purchase the product from an online competito
  8. I would like a way to resell GoDaddy domains with Blesta. API: https://developer.godaddy.com
  9. Well, that was odd. At Paul's suggestion, I uninstalled the Stripe gateway. Deleted payment accounts for clients. Re-installed the Stripe gateway. And had my test client set up their payment account again. Success. We're both unsure of what the cause was, but it is working now. Thanks Paul!!
  10. I'm getting this with the Stripe gateway. Everything appears to be in order based on what I'm seeing here in the various threads. I even tried installing Stripe Plus, and that doesn't appear to work either. I'm dealing with invoices I imported from WHMCS, not sure if that has anything to do with the issue.
  11. I'm a few months away from doing this at my new house. Mike (Licensecart) sent me the link to this when I said I was doing wiring! I don't call anyone to do anything electrical from AC to low voltage DC! One of the advantages of not needing to do anything right away, is I have the time to think through the whole process. How did the rest of your project go? Ken
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