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  1. We actually did a survey and sent it to all our customers which use cPanel, surprisingly they'd still rather use it and pay extra. So we have updated our pricing and see how things go in terms of new customers and retaining our current ones. Hopefully cPanel will have second thoughts but its not looking likely from looking at their cPanel forum they havent replied to any comments in regards to the announcement. I suppose the staff that operate the forum are thinking the same.
  2. Welcome to the Blesta community, have you changed from a previous provider or starting out with Blesta?
  3. Interesting debate. I'd rather wait for the domain manager rather than having a buggy release with endless issues. W....S also has an advantage as it came out before Blesta. I've no doubt that the domain manager will possibly be added in one of next major releases.... 5.0 maybe?
  4. When using the name cheap module they is an issue when ordering .co.uk domains where it requires the user to enter company ID. Code is located in blesta directory >> components >> modules >> namecheap >> config >> namecheap.php line 369. As a temporary workaround i've removed the code highlighted but it may throw a few issues if the user decides to register a .co.uk domain with legal type as a business. This also affects .ORG.UK, .ME.UK and .FR Would be nice to see a permanent fix for this issue
  5. I also got called a shill or whatever it is as I was comparing 2 different hosts 😕 I've stopped using their service since then. I also joined a web designer forum the other day and got 3 points for introducing myself in their introductory forum, figure that one out! 😁
  6. Web Hosting UK

    CPanel ACL

    This would be very useful.
  7. Web Hosting Talk is a joke, seem to have a trigger finger when it comes to banning people and their support is shocking.
  8. My tip would be to try and get yourself everywhere including forums, blogs and social media, the more the better. For long term results i'd get an SEO company that can get you into the first page on Google for your chosen keywords. Start a blog on your website also discussing Web Hosting topics to get more potential views/customers coming to your website. Check out whtop.com and hostadvice.com as a couple of examples where you can generate some traffic from them depending on your prices.
  9. A lot of big companies do you use Trustpilot and its seems to be the best place to get reviews and integrate the code into your website. It does have some good features but I only use the free version and its a great way to show potential customers on your website reviews of your services/products good and bad.
  10. That's a new one, I haven't come across that one before! Companies can use the "notify compliance" flag underneath the message if they think its inappropriate or they haven't bough their product/service.
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