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  1. What you want to see in our next work ?

    An affiliate system would be a big help.
  2. Whmblesta Theme

    Google has obviously changed it algorithms for responsive websites, is this something Blesta developers would be considering at some point down the line?
  3. Service Pending

    I disabled module and e-mail confirmation then it accepted.
  4. Service Pending

    If you can send link location to module log i'll write back in here.
  5. Service Pending

    In Blesta
  6. Service Pending

    I have a user that has an account and has paid for their hosting about a week ago, they've just contacted me that within their dashboard its showing pending service. They is the option to activate the service but when trying to do so it says it already exists in the apache configuration and the domain is already setup with cPanel, so I disabled the option to tick and enable module and now its come up with... Something went wrong. Array to string conversion
  7. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    Look great! Very easy for clients to use.
  8. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    Looks very good, do you have a timeline on the release date?
  9. Blesta 4 on PHP7

    We only moved over to Blesta in April as soon as v4.0 was released and we put this on PHP7. We've had no issues so far, all seems to be working very well and worth the switch from an old version fo WHMCS we used to use.
  10. Order Domain only?

    Managed to add domain form and it seems to work best with the standard template as this only offers domain availability and transfer only. Now I just need to integrate option if they would like to add hosting or not.
  11. Cpanel Module With Extra Bonus

    Is this compatible with v4 ?
  12. Order Domain only?

    Thanks, i'm going to test this within the next few days and will update.
  13. [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Hi is this compatible with v4.0? I wouldn't mind using this to integrate for Web Design projects.
  14. Stop cron email going to admin@ email address

    Thanks, only had it for a week and had over 2500 e-mails
  15. Stop cron email going to admin@ email address

    When I setup the cron within my cpanel I did not apply an e-mail address but im getting an e-mail address to my admin@ every 5 minutes, if they a way to stop e-mails been sent?