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  1. fossxplorer

    [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    Alright. I hope other users of this module are ready to donate a significant amount to you when you are done. You can be sure to get a donation of $50 from me 01/2018. Thanks.
  2. fossxplorer

    Namesilo Plugin

    Hi @netlink Do you plan to update the module to support .cloud and newer TLDs? I'll donate if that's what you need to get it done
  3. fossxplorer

    Bitcoin payments

    What is the risk of using Bitpay and Bitcoin to receive payment? I noticed the BTC to USD can vary and if i receive BTC and hold it for some time before "taking it out" in the form of USD, can i risk loosing money?
  4. fossxplorer

    Credit card gateway advise

    Yeah, guys so i followed your advice and created an account at Stripe without any issues! And today, i received my first payment through Stripe, not bad. Right now i'm very very happy since we've never been able to offer customers CC payments due to f*** Paypal filtering out many countries for using CC. We had quite some customers asking for payment with CC since many simply don't like using Paypal for different reasons. @paul, no we don't do any kind of darknet business It's cloud storage hosting we are doing We are now even more happy using Blesta really! It seems much better than WHMCS on many fields, at least for our use case. Yes, i struggled quite some time to get started with POSTing from Universal module etc, but now things are falling into place. Btw, recently i came over http://www.hostingdiscussion.com/billing-accounting/41870-blesta-replacing-whmcs.html I really hope we prove those ppl's "Blesta will never be on par with WHMCS" thinking wrong. @Licensecart Is the domain manager coming with a new release? Any more info about it?
  5. fossxplorer

    Credit card gateway advise

    Thanks for you replies all! I'm located in Norway, but clients paying from all around the world experience problem with Paypal's CC checkout. It only works from certain countries. I think that's what @Licensecart meant by location dependency? Stripe: thanks for the advise, i'll try to apply, IIRC, they denied me once some years ago. The reason was "we don't support this kind of business" or something.
  6. fossxplorer

    Credit card gateway advise

    I'm looking to support credit card/debit/visa as my current Paypal account won't do that. I tried to create a Paypal Payflow account, but it's asking for a processor i don't have. Is there any other simpler gateways i can use? I need one that's quick to get started and that doesn't take too much of fee of payments from customers. Any advise appreciated. Thanks!
  7. fossxplorer

    Products price in multiple currencies

    Hi, with WHMCS could create a product and add price in 1 currency, say USD and leave EUR fields empty and WHMCS did automatically populate the EUR prices based on exchange rate. In Blesta it seems one has to specify all the prices for different currencies and prices. Am i right?
  8. fossxplorer

    How to download announcement plugin?

    https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/57-Announcement Plugin and https://blesta-addons.com/client/plugin/store/main/item/22/ and there seems no place for me to register an account to be able to download it?
  9. fossxplorer

    Enhancing Universal Module Service Notifications

    @NetworkJack i'd like to have client's email address to be part of the POST data. Would adding 'client_email' => $client->email, to the $ServiceMeta array of addService() do it? EDIT: it obvisouly wouldn't as we need a way of passing a "client" object to be able to access it's properties. Any hints about how to achieve this appreciated :=
  10. fossxplorer

    Paypal subscriptions redirect not working

    Nginx config at https://gist.github.com/fossxplorer/943ed638518987ae21e074a68c3d9258 Btw, the Paypal IPN works now. How do i get a developer account ? I'd love to have a developer license as i had it with WHMCS and it was very useful!
  11. fossxplorer

    Custom service option text field in a module

    I added that code into getClientAddFields() and got: Undefined variable: fields. But now that i'm using universal module (cloned), i've been easily able to create custom fields. So my questions are: 1. how do i access the custom fields in my code? 2. How do i POST using some options like -d "username" -d "password"? 3. The external system requires an additional header be sent with the POST request (-H "header: value" like: POST http://admin:secret@example.com/ocs/v1.php/cloud/users -d userid="username" -d password="fpassword" -H "OCS-APIRequest: true" Is this also achievable with universal module? Also, the external system requires me to not only POST, but also GET and PUT, DELETE etc. To start with, i need both API calls of POST and PUT in order to provision users. Is this supported by the universal module (i've cloned this module and named it mymodule).
  12. fossxplorer

    Paypal subscriptions redirect not working

    Alright, my installation was indeed at a subdomain so the correct redirect is: rewrite ^/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php$ sub.domain.com/callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/ It doesn't matter if it's inside subdomain or not, since the the rewrite line is inside the scope of the vhost, so the correct redirect is: rewrite ^/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php$ /callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/ Now testing with curl -L -I, i can see first a 302 Found with Location: sub.domain.com/index.php/, then i get 200 OK. Hopefully i got things right now to be able to receive payment notifications from Paypal into Blesta. Has been a big mess until now and i just hope no to loose customers due to my migration over.
  13. fossxplorer

    Paypal subscriptions redirect not working

    Also, i did update Paypal IPN with: Notification URL https://sub.domain.com//callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/
  14. fossxplorer

    Paypal subscriptions redirect not working

    I followed the WHMCS import doc and did a rewrite according to In Nginx this translates into: rewrite ^/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php$ /callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/ last; But i get 404 - Not found when using it. I figured out /callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/ doesn't exist on my installation. Buti could find components/gateways/nonmerchant/paypal_payments_standard/ so i wonder if the following is correct to use? rewrite ^/modules/gateways/callback/paypal.php$ /components/gateways/nonmerchant/paypal_payments_standard/
  15. fossxplorer

    Custom service option text field in a module

    Yep, you got it correct No, i didn't read docs related to ModuleFields. I will take a closer look at it, thanks! I've been "cloning" cPanel as well as Universal module. And i think, for a Blesta newbie like me, the Universal module looks simpler for me to start with. I've been able to create a custom text field for now. And yes, would be nice if i'm able to POST to a URL, but my API call looks like the following: POST http://admin:secret@example.com/ocs/v1.php/cloud/users -d userid="username" -d password="fpassword" Is it possible to POST to such a URL with some options? For the password,i'm planning to use Blesta's password (is it wiser to add a custom password field perhaps) and how do i grab the user's Blesta password? I got the welcome dump variables, and i see no password there. Thanks a lot for your reply @adam !