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  1. Yep, you got it correct No, i didn't read docs related to ModuleFields. I will take a closer look at it, thanks! I've been "cloning" cPanel as well as Universal module. And i think, for a Blesta newbie like me, the Universal module looks simpler for me to start with. I've been able to create a custom text field for now. And yes, would be nice if i'm able to POST to a URL, but my API call looks like the following: POST -d userid="username" -d password="fpassword" Is it possible to POST to such a URL with some options? For the password,i'm planning to use Blesta's password (is it wiser to add a custom password field perhaps) and how do i grab the user's Blesta password? I got the welcome dump variables, and i see no password there. Thanks a lot for your reply @adam !
  2. I've created a product based on universal module and i can't seem to get the order confirmation nor service activation emails working. The re-send email works though. Any help highly appreciated!
  3. Sorry since i'm cross posting, but i might have posted my question in wrong place. Moderators, feel free to delete one of them. But i really need help to figure out how i can add a service option text field to grab a username for a module i've created. It's very simple module, straight from examples In WHMCS it was very easy for me to do so. And i don't any flexibility to add from Manage module like with Universal Module, but just a simple text field and read that service option field to provision users. Thanks
  4. @adam @Licensecart thanks. it's just that Kloxo-MR didn't have that extension, while now i installed Blesta in a seperate container and i got mailparse from Remi's repo. So for my part, i got all the dependencies of Blesta installed with green ticks
  5. Yes, i was able to get it working. Thanks.
  6. How can i create a custome text field to ask the user for a username with an order form? I was able to do this with Universal Module, but now i have my own module i need to use this with. Thanks.
  7. I started off with copying cpanel/cpanel.php into amodule/amodule.php. For the name, i worked around using return Amodule; in the getName function. Now i get the Manage Amodule widget, but there are no text there. I've also copied cpanel/views/default/* into amodule/views/default. What's preventing the text for the widget boxes?
  8. I just created a simple module and it shows up in the module available list. But when i click install, i just get a blank page I've enabled Configure::set("System.debug", true); + display_error in php.ini. How can i see what's going wrong? I enabled Debugger: And now i get Logging directory not found or is not absolute path EDIT1: A bit of progress. Now i get "Name is invalid"
  9. @Blesta Addons are you the one developing the Proxmox addon and if so, do you have any plan to add LXC support? I found the following:
  10. I Thanks @activa. I fail to see what the array $var contains reading$package,array$vars=null,$parent_package=null,$parent_service=null,$status="pending") But i might get an overview by dumping the $var perhaps and see i guess. Also, i need to read in a custom field "username". Is that also something i can do through $var?
  11. I'm testing a second installation before going prod, but this time i see: The mailparse extension is required for parsing incoming emails. Is this
  12. Exactly. I've never even wanted to try openvz due to the custom kernel that's required. Will this plugin work with KVM only and the latest Proxmox version? And are there any plan to add support for LXC?
  13. @paul This reminds me of improving the code for this kind of issues in a shared hosting. Perhaps do a check for whether PHP's exec and shell_exec and give a warning if there are disabled? Right now, the process runs with 100% CPU usage without doing anything (as confirmed by strace) when these functions are disabled on the system. It's a bit bad behavior of a software.
  14. Ok, it was related to disabled functions in the control panel: i had to enable PHP's exec and shell_exec Now it works. Thanks a lot anyway!
  15. Thanks Paul. I check each of your points and answer is yes to each of them. The DB dump has size of 70MB (since i've imported data from WHMCS). Obviously, there is nothing wrong with running mysqldump as the web server user. Strange i don't get anything is the logs when i run the backup from web UI though