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  1. Serverhosh

    Looking for Client Area Theme

    Hi Guys Can any one suggest me some Client Area theme? I tried to find some but all of them are Bundle with HTML Theme. I just need for the Client area. Many Thanks
  2. Serverhosh

    Change Logo on Client Side

    Perfect. Thanks for the Help.
  3. Serverhosh

    Change Logo on Client Side

    hi @tyson After changing the "Header Logo" from the theme its changed on admin Side. But on Client Side it's still same. Any help plz. Many Thanks
  4. Serverhosh

    Change Logo on Client Side

    Hi How can we change the Logo to ours on the Client Panel. I tried to change it but it's still showing like following http://prntscr.com/jxicgr Can anyone please help. Many Thanks
  5. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    WOW.. You looks like in a full mood to defend your Friend. Carry on. Let the other users Decide the Winner.. *Yes.. I love to Jump over the Grass 24/7.
  6. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    What would you said if I Cross my Billing Due Date and they Suspend my License and then I said them it's a MISTAKE that I forgot to Pay and as a HUMAN it's possible to made mistake. Will they Consider that MISTAKE and keep my License Active.
  7. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    I can consider the Mistake if it's happened while shifting the License from another Company to yours. But this kind MISTAKE in the Middle of the Running Month and Working for around 2months+(Forget when the Company Shifted) is really not a MISTAKE. Either the License got removed from the License Server or something really happened which will be Remain in the Dark. and really don't wanna expand this stuff any more. In my last 5yrs with WHMCS, Noc-PS, BuycPanel or with any other License Company I didn't face such IDIOTIC ISSUE. May be it can be Consider as Mistake if few more people face the same Issue. But so far I am only the Victim and it's really not a Mistake Man.
  8. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    OP is me itself. And I am not Raveling any one else name in Public Forum and I revise the Image few more Time but Didn't saw any Transaction ID or any other Info. It's just my Name. Anirban Ghosh. Not some one Else Name.
  9. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    If it's Failed to Migrated then how it's worked for last 2 months without any issue? If there any issue with migration the system from One company to another the issue should start Instant and not suddenly. License was taken long Back and didn't look back to the website to check what kind of License I had and what I need to do. If anything needs to be change has be Notified by the New Company. No one can't understand situation I faced if he doesn't face such kind of Shit Issue.
  10. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    I am showing Attitude? Without any Notification cancelling my Working License is very Simple? What if you Client think when they saw a Suspended Page or Invalid License error on your Site.? What if the PayPal Deduct the Recurring payment and Client invoice wasn't get Paid Automatically and Suspended due to this? The License was shift from another Company to yours and IT"S YOUR DUTY TO KEEP EVERYTHING AS NORMAL. Doesn't care What's CMS and other stuff.. I have Bunch of License from Buycpanel and their Support is No Doubt AWESOME.
  11. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    Hi Paul Thanks for your Help. I bought the License from "buycpanel.com" already and the License working. If I face any Issue I will buy the License Directly from you. But will never get Back to those Shit Blesta.store Many Thanks
  12. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    This shit can causes my Company as Fake as the CMS License has been Revoked by some Idiot Company.
  13. Serverhosh

    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    Awesome.. Blesta.store Just Suspend my License even paid till Nov 1 Image Attached. Scamming May be. In next 1hr if they didn't fix I will make the Disputes. I can only show the Domain name of my License to the Blesta.store Owner or the Blesta Owner only for the proof of their SHIT.
  14. Serverhosh

    Client Password Change Option

    Hi Does any client able to change his Account password from his Panel. I didn't find any Such Option. Also reset Password was also not Working.. Any one can help me out.. Many Thanks
  15. Serverhosh

    [Module] Observium module

    Hi.. I am going to buy this Product. Does it have Auto Suspend option when Bandwidth Limit Cross? Also Do you provide Guide how to Install and Configure?