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  1. Yes, I am using WHMCS for my new company now, after waiting for Blesta. I always support for new products, but Blesta is...
  2. Now I can change the server. However, after changing server, the user password, as I showed above, disappeared. It's blank now.
  3. See the attached file, unless we are talking about different places.
  4. Yes, since the first time I tried to change the server.
  5. No, I didn't remove anything. All I did was changing the servers, and clicking to Save button then the error appeared.
  6. No, module log doesn't record anything when I clicked Save button in changing server. And for editing service, do you mean that editing customer's service in customer page? Under Manage link? Then the password is shown as normal-readable text, not marked with *********
  7. Changing 5 to 1 doesn't help. Still the same error. And yes, both passwords are stored in Blesta. The fact is those passwords are quite complex, such as W#JHD%hvF*8r6c.
  8. So, is that for the server admin password? As I mentioned, both servers have long passwords already.
  9. I am migrating an account from a DirectAdmin server to another. But after choosing the new server and clicked Save button, Blesta shows error: The password must be at least 5 characters in length Which password then? Both servers have long passwords. That user has a long password. Advice, please?
  10. Still, need to check the dates anyway like I posted above. But then no overriding, just showing.
  11. Got it. Then there are 3 cases: 1. If the received date is the same as the applied date. There is no problem. Blesta can take any. 2. If the received date is a future date, compared to the applied date: no way, need to set a warning. 3. If the received date is a past date, compared to the applied date, Blesta will override the applied date by the received date. Or if it's easier, can you consider to show another column before the applied date? So, in each invoice, there are 5 columns instead of 4 columns as right now: - date received - date applied - type - transaction number - amount applied Thanks.
  12. 1. If a customer pays by credit card, the payment is processed immediately, and the applied date = the received date = the current date. No problem. However, when a customer pays by an offline method, such as bank transfer, in many cases, the payment is only recorded the next day, not the same day. Then the received date is different than the applied date. 2. The applied date is currently set automatically = the current date, there is no option for bypassing or choosing your own.
  13. Just made at https://requests.blesta.com/topic/set-date-received-vs-applied-date Please consider. Thanks.
  14. I just upgraded Blesta from 3.6.2 to 4.0.1. There are several active SSL certificates using this module: TheSSLStore (ver 2.0.2) Author: Phillips Data, Inc. Full Ambit Networks In Blesta 4.0.1, it includes a new TheSSLStore module: TheSSLStore Module (ver 1.3.0) Author: The SSL Store Sell SSL Certificates using this module. So, the question is how to move the SSL from the old module to the new one. I have created products, put them into the same group, but when clicking to Manage link, next to the SSL in each customer, there is still no option for "upgrade / downgrade". The box only shows the SSL products using the old module. Any help please? Thanks.
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