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  1. You should make a Data Feed like WHMCS has using an external page like http://site/feed.php?module=pricing&id=blah yada to get pricing to show on an external page, especially within the Blesta CMS. I'm using the CMS, and I am doing my pricing manually, but it would be nice to have the pricing be dynamic.
  2. It would be nice if this became a data feed like WHMCS. It would work with the Blesta CMS since you can't do PHP inside the Blesta CMS.
  3. I love how a script with automation would work. Set the times open and closed, and specify if you are closed on a holiday or partial hours.. maybe a lunch break.. and then the automation decides when to show your banner. I only have one suggestion.... Make it sticky to the top so that when scrolling down and looking at services, you are reminded if they're closed or not.
  4. I love what Gosuhost said. It will NOT deter folks.. I think this is freaking brilliant! Heck, lets tell folks we're busy eating at Golden Corral too! They want to know if they will have a manual provision done quickly or not.. same with the support ticket!
  5. Is there a way I could test this?
  6. I have a great suggestion! How about you set a process where Blesta searches for Updates, and if there is an update, Blesta can preform the update, without us having to go in and re-upload. I know in WordPress, there is an auto update, it will do the process automatically! It also puts your site in Maintenance mode while the updates are completing! Thoughts??
  7. What color do you think I should do? Thank you for your suggestions and input!
  8. When you go in to edit a radio service on an account... which I was doing for a test account, the password wipes out of Blesta. Not sure why that happens... I went in to my test account to make it free.
  9. I'm having the same issue. I'm using CPanel on Linux. My Cron does not run.
  10. What about something like this: http://status.a2hosting.com/ Yes, it's from WHMCS... but I love how WHMCS does it.. As well as the status, you can put any news or other issues that is going on, and you can post updates as you work on it? I'd love have this kind of module! I love Blesta, but I've been noticing some things missing! I love how you can openly customize Blesta It's MUCH Cheaper, and better than WHMCS in my opinion!
  11. Holy cow! I'd love that design... That is very nice
  12. Ouch... How much would you charge?? WHMCS had it for free as it was integrated..... If it were free, I'd advertise the product
  13. So, I am new to Blesta, and have moved away from WHMCS.... I am new to this theming thing, because WHMCS couldn't do jack!! There code was so protected with IonCube, that you couldn't make ANY edits... However, I made a blue theme for Blesta... I'm willing to share it if you guys would like http://clients.thumbhosting.org Let me know what you think! Mike Foland ThumbHosting
  14. Hey guys! I just signed up for a Trial of Blesta, and let me say, I really love how I can customize it. Just now requesting a plugin for WHMSonic, as WHMCS had that...and it was so much easier to manage clients account with. I've been talking to Paul about it... I'm hoping we can get it before my trial expires, although I'm planning on still purchasing Blesta anyways! Thanks and God Bless. I love the support guys
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