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  1. I'm not sure how it can be done to be honest, but I'm sure there must be a way as there's one for WHMCS which works with no problems at all! I've spoken to ModulesGarden here, they have quoted ~$150 to develop it. I'm sure if there is enough demand they may look into it, or even if 15 people join forces and pay $10.00 each towards it we could possibly work something out with them.
  2. So we've got a Blesta license as well as a WHMCS license. Unfortunately, we can't yet migrate everything over only because some core features required in our business are lacking. But, looking on the bright side, most of these appear to be in the pipeline for future releases :-) Anyway, one feature that we really need, which no one has yet requested, is the ability to allow a client the option to choose their server location (shared web hosting) during checkout. Essentially, this helps to reduce the number of duplicate products in the system (products for each location with it's own link). With this option enabled, a client can simply choose the best web hosting package, signup using one link and just choose a location they wish to be in on the order form. Currently WHMCS seem to be the only billing system that has this plugin available. Works brilliantly for us as we offer the same cPanel shared web hosting plans but in multiple locations.
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