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  1. BlestaCMS is still fully functional. There's a community version available here.
  2. What were your questions/concerns. I should be able to clear those up for you
  3. The License Module requires an Owned License to be able to purchase and 100$ to purchase login to your blesta account and click "manage service" on your owned license. On the lefthand menu select "Addons" and select License Manager from the dropdown.
  4. The password hash is irreversible, its a one way hash.
  5. Our website will always be there to manage your license and there is ZERO intention for it to be down. As I stated during maintenance mode clients cannot login in. However in the event we ever "dissapear" blesta themselves would transfer the license to you but your license is valid and can be reissued etc from the client area. If you want to open a ticket id be happy to see what our options are for you
  6. You wont lose your license. You can login your client panel and manage your license from the client area or you can talk and request a move of the license. the system was in maintence mode as i was moving servers. You should open a ticket with us as we dont know who you are and can help validate the license or work toward getting it moved to you directly.
  7. Beav

    Error when upgrading

    CPanel Extended isnt provided default by blesta and is a broken module. I suggest using the CPanel module that ships with blesta. Generally id direct you to the module developer but in this instance there isnt one anymore.
  8. Perhaps you used a username and not a email for the login creation. You should open a ticket.
  9. Blesta.com has not been hacked. Perhaps your using the wrong recovery credentials and is the reason your not getting an email. You can always open a support ticket here (https://account.blesta.com/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/3/) for further help recovering your username/account.
  10. Beav

    Delete client???

    You could manage each individual service and UNSELECT 'Use Module' while removing the service to remove without using API (i.e remove just from Blesta side). Once there are no active services / invoices you should be able to remove the client as expected
  11. Yes // The URL that gateway callback requests should be directed to Configure::set("Blesta.gw_callback_url", "http" . (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != "off" ? "s" : "") . "://" . (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] : "localhost") . WEBDIR . "callback/gw/"); The above bit (already preexisting in your /config/blesta.php) allows for it to be routed correctly when the request is made.
  12. You added the product to the Universal Module, from the administration area goto Settings->Modules and click manage on the Universal Module.
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