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  1. Store Hours

    GosuHost - Store Hours plugin Don't leave your customers in the dark, let them know that you are on your break or that you are closed.... Not every customer goes to the footer or contact us page to find out your opening hours.... Now all that changes, with the Store Hours plugin for Blesta a nice tidy and effective bar shows up when you are on your break or when you are closed, no more second guessing. You can set up holiday hours so when you are closed for the whole day or have different opening hours you can do way in advanced so your customers can find out on the day without getting annoyed that they are being replied to. Improve your customer service and much more for a small price. Prices: Monthly: $2.99 Yearly $19.99 Owned: $125.00 one-time. Buy it now or start a free 30 day trial today
  2. Blesta on PHP 7.1 server

    7.1 isnt support yet, change to php7 and you will be fine
  3. Who Am I

    gentoo > all, nice to meet you and welcome
  4. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    Thank you hopefully ill have time to finish it soon
  5. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    I'm sure he would reencode for you or you could do custom development option, such plugin wouldnt cost much.
  6. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    This is encoded for php 5.4, will not work with 5.6/7. He would need to reencode or someone would need to rewrite
  7. Plesk CronJob

    Im not sure about plesk but with cpanel you have to change it to /usr/local/bin/php /var/www/vhosts/***.com/httpdocs/clients/index.php cron >/dev/null 2>&1 try this. Worth a try im sorry if I couldn't be helpful
  8. Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    You have to uninstall the Portal plugin also when installing BlestaCMS plugin then edit the routes, the instructions are in the ReadMe.txt that comes with the plugin, in 1.2.4 we will look into having the replacement of this line automated. *update* 1.2.4 WILL automate this task on install and uninstall so this issue will no longer be encountered.
  9. Integrating Blesta with a PAYU payment gateway

    Found this on Github https://github.com/blesta/gateway-payumoney The logos are the same for the companys maybe same thing or same api?
  10. Ioncube Error

    Dont know if it will work still but i used coupon: VERSION10 for a 10% off discount on my upgrade
  11. Massive Update by ModulesGarden!

    About time I requested the popup module 2 months ago you guys told me 10 days max, still no reply to that ticket glad you finally got around to it
  12. Change Model Business

    Love it! +1
  13. only untick if it already exists in cpanel server, otherwise it will not create the account
  14. When you add the services manually try unticking the "use module" option.
  15. Stripe payments after migration

    They should only have to enter their information one time into blesta.