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  1. Problems with Coupons

    coupon, the package term is set 1 year (the only term for the package) I have tried wizard for this client same result Can confirm invoice is full price no coupons visible on invoice. Cannot replicate on any other install using same coupon code BUT changing his coupon code to something else made it work)
  2. PHP 7.1upgrade issues

    Hi Qurius, if you have team viewer or something of the sorts we would be happy to assist you in resolving this. If you have time send us a pm, visit our live chat or open a ticket with us!
  3. Problems with Coupons

    I think this is name related, changed your coupon code to supersaver and no other variables were different and functioning correctly now. @Paul is there name limitations on coupon names that may interfere?
  4. Problems with Coupons

    @Blesta Addons any idea?
  5. A bit more information would be good, are you talking styling or functionality?
  6. We will issue a BlestaCMS Owned License to your client account immediately following service activation of the Blesta License.
  7. Gosuhost Blesta License Deal For a limited time only, with every Blesta Owned License you can claim a FREE BlestaCMS Owned License - a value of $150. Offer ends March 2018. https://gosuhost.com/blesta-license/
  8. License Expired after upgrading

    Try to reissue your license and reenter your key if requested. Should revalidate as long as your license is still valid.
  9. thinking of buying blesta with blestacms

    If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask!
  10. Please Read Before Starting A Thread!

    After your logged in click here or copy the url directly below. it will take you where you can view your subscription and theres a button that will say "List Downloads" from here you can download all you have access to https://blesta-addons.com/client/plugin/membership_club/client_main/
  11. how to add html or php pages to blesta

    Thank you for the kind words mate! I'm glad I was able to clear up all your questions.
  12. Please Read Before Starting A Thread!

    This is a custom development from a third party. you can download any/all of his plugins/modules from his website www.blesta-addons.com with the appropriate membership level to his website (i believe resend welcome email is under his free subscription level)
  13. Plugin: Email History

    Glad you enjoy, We will soon update this plugin to add a few options to better enhance the users experience and also the administrators. More General Setups without a lot of customization and additions wont experience any "colliding" but if you have 2-3 other items already added there may not be room and the dropdown is a great easy place to apply this.
  14. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    You can change the colors using CSS in your theme template (default theme is located /app/views/client/bootstrap/) In the folder CSS youll find styles.css and inside portal-box CSS Settings. You can also navigate inside admin area settings->plugins->portal->manage and view the html and add your css directly to the html as well.
  15. how to add html or php pages to blesta

    Amit message me on discord and I'll help you figure it out. You have the blestacms though or is this a separate install?