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  1. change http to https

    you do this in the .htaccess file in your web root # Force HTTPS RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=307,NE,L]
  2. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Great work as usual!
  3. [Module] WHMPHP Module

    Great work mate
  4. Plugin: Email History

    Ill have to set this as a widget in test environment, i would assume because ?whole_widget=true isnt a valid condition in the controller so having this in the uri isnt actually doing anything, i would have to look but im sure this has to do with its display. Ive not worked with widgets but i should have time by the weekend to check this task and research
  5. I would hate to see you pulled to the dark side. I personally think fixing the domain management would pull MAJOR SALES in for blesta.
  6. DST Still a Bug

    in php.ini add [Date]; Defines the default timezone used by the date functionsdate.timezone = America/New_York can also define in htaccess with #Adjust default time zone SetEnv TZ America/New_York Obviously change to your timezone
  7. DST Still a Bug

    Mon Nov 6 12:06:52 EST 2017 is showing correct time still wrong cron time run
  8. DST Still a Bug

    I also am experiencing wrong cron times. Everything on my side is also running 1 hour eariler.
  9. How to select Invoice Templates

    The dropdown that currently has the field "Default" it should be located within this dropdown
  10. domain search not working

    Exactly, add your servers ip and take a break when you return it should be okay it sometimes takes a moment to update
  11. Plugin: Email History

    You may certainly try, if so please update as others may want this alternative display as well
  12. domain search not working

    Make sure the IP of your server is whitelisted for the api and allow 20-30 minutes for it to update and try again as it sometimes takes a bit to update.
  13. Plugin: Email History

    There are no plans at this time to make it into a client side widget like the 'invoices' 'services' etc widgets on dashboard as i think this would be super clutter as theres already alot here (expecially if you have a ticket widget). So what you can do.... the function getAction event is invoked on install or upgrade only. so if your client nav is full you can remove the plugin action function from client_emails_plugin.php and edit the .json to be a higher version and select upgrade in settings to force a "upgrade option" -OR- you can go into the database table plugin_actions and delete the entry for this plugin *ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHEN EDITING DATABASE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING PLEASE TRY ROUTE 1 OR CONTACT SYSTEM ADMIN" You can then take the uri to the page and add it as a submenu item to any of your other nav items or create a button anywhere you like etc. @BlestaStore for example moved his to the client name dropdown where 'Manage Account' and "Log out' Reside on the far right of the nav with a nice letter fa icon. If you wanted to do it like this, in your structure.pdt search for the submenu for the nav and add <li><a href="plugin/client_emails/client_main/index/"><i class="fa fa-envelope fa-fw"></i> Mail Log</a></li> under <li><a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->client_uri . 'main/edit/');?>"><i class="fa fa-edit fa-fw"></i> <?php $this->_('AppController.client_structure.text_update_account');?></a></li>
  14. Domain Availability Checker Widget + Counter

    @Blesta Addons, I inspire to have the experience you and your team has. Thank you for your help and assist as always
  15. Domain Availability Checker Widget + Counter

    I have updated the client_data plugin to also support Domain Counts and Support manager Pro ticket counts (still has default support manager counter as well) You may download it here. Here are examples of calls depending on which one you require for your theme. <?php $this->Javascript->setInline(' $(document).ready(function() { fetchCountServices(); }); function fetchCountServices() { $(this).blestaRequest("GET", "' . $this->Html->safe($this->base_url . "plugin/client_data/client_main/count_services/active") . '", null, function(data) { $("#services_count").html(data); }, null, {dataType:"json"}); } '); ?> <?php $this->Javascript->setInline(' $(document).ready(function() { fetchInvoices("open"); }); function fetchInvoices(status) { $(this).blestaRequest("GET", "' . $this->Html->safe($this->base_url . "plugin/client_data/client_main/count_invoices/") . '" + status, null, function(data) { $("#invoices_count").html(data); }, null, {dataType:"json"}); } '); ?> <?php $this->Javascript->setInline(' $(document).ready(function() { fetchCountTickets(); }); function fetchCountTickets() { $(this).blestaRequest("GET", "' . $this->Html->safe($this->base_url . "plugin/client_data/client_main/count_pro_tickets/open") . '", null, function(data) { $("#tickets_count").html(data); }, null, {dataType:"json"}); } '); ?> <?php $this->Javascript->setInline(' $(document).ready(function() { fetchCountDomains(); }); function fetchCountDomains() { $(this).blestaRequest("GET", "' . $this->Html->safe($this->base_url . "plugin/client_data/client_main/count_domains/") . '", null, function(data) { $("#domains_count").html(data); }, null, {dataType:"json"}); } '); ?> Sorry formatting went off by a bit. $("#div_id_to_replace_here") is what tells the ajax which div to update which ever Request you want should be added around the bottom of structure.pdt (i have seperated requests individually above) before <?php echo $this->Javascript->getInline();?