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  1. These are also customizable depending on which form it will be in the standard order plugin or your theme pdts
  2. Example of edit of signup.pdt From the file I linked using standard order form for registration. If you would like PM me and we can help locate your issue
  3. You can edit the View files and remove the fields from them if your using the Standard order form for your Client Registration the .pdts to edit would be /plugins/order/views/templates/standard/types/registration
  4. Glad to finally start seeing updates, keep up the great progress! Looking good
  5. Emails are stored in the log_emails table. You can empty this table out if it makes you feel better
  6. Automatically setup

    This issue was resolved. He was missing 'Datacenter' in the configurable options preventing cron from fully provisioning the paid service.
  7. Trial License wont expire. Bug?

    He means license costs are super cheap
  8. Just a reminder this is the last day for this deal. The special will end at 12:01am est usa Tomorrow 03/01/2018
  9. OVH Server Manager

    https://blesta-addons.com more specifically https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/store/main/item/20/
  10. Coupon issue has been resolved.
  11. License Manager (Updated Feb 20, 2018)

    Great work! Much needed update
  12. [Ideas] Notification Center

    Looks good mate!
  13. Thank you all who have wished us good luck. just a reminder, This deal will be ending 03/01/18 at 12:01 AM
  14. BlestaCMS 1.2.6 is in development.

    There will be a solution added to 1.2.6 for this and for blank categories
  15. Required parameter missing:customer id

    from admin area navigation bar: tools->logs->(module tab)