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  1. GosuHost

    cron not automatic

    and /var/log/cron does that show the cron run at every 5 min mark? Blesta admin area are their cron logs? whats the latest date in there?
  2. GosuHost

    cron not automatic

    Try running that command manually and see if it returns error, if using cpanel you can also try /opt/cpanel/ea-php71/root/usr/bin/php as your path provided your using ea packages. Also check /var/log/cron and see if your crons being ran in the first place, that way you have a starting point to start debugging. Do you have any result in Blesta admin area (Tools->Logs->(cron tab)) or is it just one particular cron failing? (eg. failing to provison paid services)
  3. GosuHost

    Can't login to client area

    https://account.blesta.com/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/3/ Should have no issue creating a ticket here
  4. GosuHost

    blesta-addons.com is active?

    They are a third party company still in operation. You can always open a support ticket with their support https://blesta-addons.com/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/departments/
  5. GosuHost

    Jumping Ship

    Welcome to Blesta!
  6. GosuHost

    how can delete ticket from database

    You could remove the replies from 'support_replies', attachments from 'support_attachments' then delete the ticket ID from 'support_tickets' Please note: You should ALWAYS take a backup and be super cautious, Or wait for 4.3 https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-1589
  7. GosuHost

    support manager pro

    Did you uninstall the default support manager when you installed pro?
  8. GosuHost

    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    According to WHMPHP they are closing the doors and are no longer selling new licenses. Current active licenses will not be able to be renewed at expiry. http://www.whmphp.com/index.php
  9. GosuHost

    Add description field below the Hostname title

    Duplicate post, im on mobile but you should be able to edit getClientAddFields() in the module to add what you want or remove the validateHostName and allow them to enter any input without domain validation (eg. BobCast)
  10. GosuHost

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    As always great work and great idea!
  11. GosuHost

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    Great work saw your sneak peak the other day
  12. GosuHost

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    You can check the PayPal ipn log from your seller tools in paypal, even resend them
  13. GosuHost

    Blesta Wordpress Bridge

    This is 3 years old and I believe was never finished. There was one for joomla
  14. We are trying to apply the hotfix right now Mike