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    Delete client???

    You could manage each individual service and UNSELECT 'Use Module' while removing the service to remove without using API (i.e remove just from Blesta side). Once there are no active services / invoices you should be able to remove the client as expected
  2. GosuHost

    Paypal instand payment notification url

    Yes // The URL that gateway callback requests should be directed to Configure::set("Blesta.gw_callback_url", "http" . (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && $_SERVER['HTTPS'] != "off" ? "s" : "") . "://" . (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] : "localhost") . WEBDIR . "callback/gw/"); The above bit (already preexisting in your /config/blesta.php) allows for it to be routed correctly when the request is made.
  3. GosuHost

    please clocate product in this image

    You added the product to the Universal Module, from the administration area goto Settings->Modules and click manage on the Universal Module.
  4. Gosuhost Blesta License Deal For a limited time only, with every Blesta Owned License you can claim a FREE BlestaCMS Owned License - a value of $150. Offer ends March 2018. https://gosuhost.com/blesta-license/
  5. This ended around 8 months ago. If you open a ticket with our sales department we would be happy to see what we could do for you. Thanks.
  6. GosuHost

    Trial install not working

    Form token invalid is referring to an invalid CSRF Token on the POST
  7. GosuHost

    Release 4.3.0

    Great work!!!! 💪
  8. GosuHost

    WARNING about user here

    Perhaps check into a program such as Jing (free) will allow you to screen capture and will automatically upload to screencast. Such applications are great way to showcase features.
  9. GosuHost

    WARNING about user here

    That's the problem with Live Demos. You can use programs or a simple wget to copy the webpage and never pay a dime. Usually best practice would be a short video showing each page or the page as one whole image.
  10. GosuHost

    Getting Offset Errors when trying to log in

    I would suggest upgrading to newest blesta. 2.5.4 is very outdated.
  11. GosuHost

    Drop down is not working in Blesta 4.2.2

    As stated, I would reupload all files to be safe. If you've made any javascript or template edits you may have something conflicting. Try with the default file set and see if that resolves your issue.
  12. GosuHost

    Small Business Website Development Company or Developer?

    Good to see you back and kicking! Welcome back!
  13. GosuHost

    Blesta 4.3.0 Beta 1 Release

    Great work!
  14. GosuHost

    What is cost of developing a blesta module?

    There's many factors that are involved in the pricing of modules/plugins such as API Documentation, Features, Amount of time, and much more. Your best bet is to request quotes from a few developers for hire and compare and make a decision. You can find a list here. When submitting a request for a quote from someone please be as specific as possible. List every detail you require in the project so that it can be as accurate as possible.
  15. GosuHost

    Blesta Have Option To Create Quote/estimates ?

    You can try this from @Blesta Addons. If this solution isnt viable you can get a quote for this custom solution from a developer for hire here.
  16. GosuHost

    Unable to register domain from back-end

    Sounds like an issue with the module, Any errors for the module? From the admin nav bar navigate Tools->Logs->(Module tab)->(Module in question). Click to expand.
  17. GosuHost

    Owned Lifetime License from Reseller

    Hello, Owned Lifetime Licenses have valid support and updates for... well a lifetime. The cost of this license is $500 and must be bought from Blesta Directly. Resellers can sell, Monthly Branded, Monthly Unbranded, Owned Branded, and Owned Unbranded Licenses based on their reseller tiers. The cost of support and updates on these owned licenses are $39.00 a year. In addition when you purchase a NEW License 1 year of Support and Updates are included right off the bat. The difference between Owned Licenses and Lifetime Licenses are only Support and Updates.
  18. GosuHost

    Looking for new clients only option for coupons cant find it

    There are no current options to restrict coupon options by just new clients or by requiring another service. Your options are to apply when the service is added or added/renew and a term limitation. https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/forum/11-feature-requests/
  19. GosuHost

    tax inclusive

    Please note that today is a holiday and we are coming off a weekend, furthermore, Paul is out of the office until tomorrow Tuesday 5/29.
  20. GosuHost


    You could do either option, I believe most commonly you would link the order buttons to the purchase link but with blesta the choice is yours... For example you could dynamically load each package price from blesta using the api and display it on your site so its always correct and up to date without having to adjust html pricing if package prices change. If you don't already have a website or a designer you could always look on themeforest or such places for a theme and easily customize it to your needs. Plugins such as Blesta.Store's BlestaCMS will allow you to take your billing platform even further, fully integrating your website and blesta together into one.
  21. GosuHost

    [Plugin] Domain Name Suggestions/Spinner

    Great work, looks amazing! Do you plan to share this with the public? I think it would be useful to many of us here.
  22. We requested and received a refund promptly, his expected completion date was end of December, we are at the end of may (5 months later).
  23. GosuHost

    cron not automatic

    and /var/log/cron does that show the cron run at every 5 min mark? Blesta admin area are their cron logs? whats the latest date in there?