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  1. There seems to be an issue with the coupon code, was working fine now is not. will investigate. We will manually add the BlestaCMS license automatically to any owned license order.
  2. Gosuhost Blesta License Deal For a limited time only, with every Blesta Owned License you can claim a FREE BlestaCMS Owned License - a value of $150. Offer ends March 2018. https://gosuhost.com/blesta-license/
  3. License Manager (Updated Feb 20, 2018)

    Great work! Much needed update
  4. [Ideas] Notification Center

    Looks good mate!
  5. Thank you all who have wished us good luck. just a reminder, This deal will be ending 03/01/18 at 12:01 AM
  6. BlestaCMS 1.2.6 is in development.

    There will be a solution added to 1.2.6 for this and for blank categories
  7. Required parameter missing:customer id

    from admin area navigation bar: tools->logs->(module tab)
  8. Packages

    Add each package you want to the group, For instance Group {Hosting}-> Starter, Plus, Ultimate Group {vps} -> Vps1, VPS2, VPS3 Then on your order form add the groups to each order form
  9. TcAdmin not working

    This issue has been resolved.
  10. Tcadmin not working

    This issue has been resolved
  11. There is no additional data about client

    He was in my install for this screenshot, its version 4.2.1 and the fraudlabs that comes with it
  12. License Checker / Verification

    Ive already done this to mine, i said prebuilt into, not everyone that has license manager can add this themselves i was looking at it as the community as a whole not individual basis
  13. License Checker / Verification

    Would be nice to have this prebuilt into the license manager for licensed products
  14. Tcadmin not working

    Can you verify the webserver can talk to the tcadmin node? If you use csf firewall on the webserver can you whitelist tcadmin server? Seems like a communication issue, Remember non ssl by default is 8880 i believe and ssl is 8881 (been awhile since ive set mine up and i moved mine to 80 and 443 in nginx)
  15. Tcadmin not working

    In your module settings do you have the server added to the server group? If so check firewall settings that they can communicate back and forth
  16. Dev for hire

    Hey PointPubMedia, PM Sent.
  17. Invalid client ID

    yeah the 4.2.0-b2 is stored in database you will get that everytime, you have also upgraded via web? /adminportal/upgrade, i only suggested the double upgrade because it worked for me and one other mate when upgrading to 4.2.0. Sorry I couldnt help more on this topic
  18. Invalid client ID

    Try to run upgrade via CLI. Seen reports (including my own) where running the upgrade twice / both methods seemed to resolve the issue.
  19. Support Manager Pro

    The support manager pro needs too much work and without a current developer for it, it will just keep getting outdated. We were helping support it for awhile and were using it but we ourselves have switched back to default support manager. The thread you were referring to is located here
  20. Problems with Coupons

    coupon, the package term is set 1 year (the only term for the package) I have tried wizard for this client same result Can confirm invoice is full price no coupons visible on invoice. Cannot replicate on any other install using same coupon code BUT changing his coupon code to something else made it work)
  21. PHP 7.1upgrade issues

    Hi Qurius, if you have team viewer or something of the sorts we would be happy to assist you in resolving this. If you have time send us a pm, visit our live chat or open a ticket with us!
  22. Problems with Coupons

    I think this is name related, changed your coupon code to supersaver and no other variables were different and functioning correctly now. @Paul is there name limitations on coupon names that may interfere?
  23. Problems with Coupons

    @Blesta Addons any idea?