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  1. I tried both with the same results
  2. Hello, I am really confused with the Inclusive and Exclusive Tax settings. I can already see there are many forum threads related to tis, but it is still unclear. The documentation shows that"Inclusive will display the tax as part of the total. Exclusive will list the tax separately and not include it in the total". That is pretty self explanatory...so I choose Inclusive in Tax rules and I expected that the tax will be included in the pricing that I have set. But whenever I tried, the Tax % is adding extra and added to the price that I have set instead of covering it within the price.
  3. Anyone else is facing the issue when trying to add a payment account? We have clients complaining about this when they try to add a payment account and there is no log I could find at Strip about this. We have Version 4.12.3
  4. kala

    Support manager UI issue

    Hello Paul, I found the issue already but not sure how to resolve it. We actually use URL pattern like https://<hostname>/index.php/plugins/support_manager/ and we do not use htaccess rule to rewrite the URL without index.php. So what happens here is that one JS file is loading like https://<hostname>/index.php/plugins/support_manager/views/default/js/dropzone.js and it is breaking some Ticketing feature. This was not the case before the upgrade to the latest release...is there any option to fix the path of JS? Other static resources are loading good. and and
  5. kala

    Support manager UI issue

    Hello Paul, Thank you...I have tried to clear the cache, tried to re-sync the support manager files from the full ZIP file, etc. But the issue persists still!
  6. Hello, I have recently upgraded from Blesta 4.10 to 4.12.2 which is the latest version. After the upgrade, everything looks good except the support manager plugin page. As per the attached image, it is showing 2 text box area when I try to type a ticket response. Additionally I cannot preview the attached image like I could in version 4.10....I need to download the attachment to view it. What could be the cause of this issue? Thank you.
  7. Just wondering is there an option for this yet?
  8. Hello, I am trying to test the Configurable Options for my packages and to add "Quantity" type to allow users to select multiple packages easily. But when I try I always end up with the following error. ================== Option values must be unique. ================== I tried to check what is wrong as the error message is giving no real clue. I ensured that the Options name, Min, Max, Step and Default values are properly set and all others are done. But this error always pop-up. Can someone help me to understand what is wrong? Blesta version is - Install
  9. kala

    License re-issue function

    Hello Tyson, Thanks much for the update. We are actually using "https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/License+Manager" to issue the license. We know there is an option to re-issue the license from particular module in client interface and hope there'll be an option to call it from the plugin also. Unfortunately, we could not find it from the documentation. is there any way to do it from another plugin that we'll create? Thanks in advance.
  10. We are trying to create a Plugin for users to manage their licenses remotely and we are able to finish tasks like add/terminate/suspend/list licenses. But we want to provide an option to re-issue their license key as well. So far we are unable to track any respective functions in the documentation to re-issue the license. Can someone help and advise if there is a direct function for license re-issue [ we use the license manager to issue licenses]?
  11. kala

    User API Access

    Thank you very much Coreyman. Do you know any good place to get a good resource who is familiar with Blesta functions to develop own API if that is the only option? We would like to have this added to our system because I expect more such requests in the future from our customers. Thanks in advance.
  12. kala

    User API Access

    Hello, We have a customer who wants to manage their services remotely using some API calls because of the large number of services they have. Is there any option in Blesta to allow such kind of access for a user which allows them to manage their services [add, terminate, list, suspend, etc ] remotely from their code using API? We would like to have some refer docs , sample code so that we can advise our customer as well. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Thanks for your suggestion. We have had a talk in our team and we finally implemented it in a different way which is suitable for our envs. Thanks again for your help
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