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  1. Yes, I have it, forgot about that, thanks
  2. Yes,, I have enabled the remote key and generate the key inserted in Blesta and can not save because it can't access the server and give me the error above.
  3. After cPanel version 64 they have disable the remote key access and encourage to use API key as Blesta cPanel module ask for RAK I have enabled it agian in cpanel but when I try to Add cPanel server using the module I got: "A connection to the server could not be established. Please check to ensure that the Hostname, User Name, and Remote Key are correct." Somebody had this issue before?
  4. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    Just an update, after upgrade to version 4.1 this problem was solved, we can close this one
  5. wmac

    WHMCS Migration errors

    I had the same problem and follow what Paul said and quote "The user ID error for people recently has been a result of the use of non-UTF8 characters in whmcs." so I imported with errors and corrected them manually as my version was 4.0.1
  6. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    Put it back but makes no difference. Now I realize that the customers at client area also can not view invoices
  7. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    Found a PHP open_basedir directive on the VHost configuration removed and restarted Apache and still have the same issue
  8. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    Before somebody comment, I have checked open_basedir in PHP.ini and it is commented it is off, if it is on it must be in another place.
  9. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    The path is correct I also create a new tmp directory with 777 in the home directory and still have the same issue, I am running VestaCP so the home directory is in a different path from the others CP. Also when the debug was on, I answered a customer support ticket and got this info from the log and it is related to the /tmp/ tempnam(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/tmp) is not within the allowed path(s): and after that the stack trace that I don't want to post What I can say is the path is correct on settings>system>general all of them also finish with / I am not running 4.1, should I upgrade??
  10. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    I have enable debug on config now it does not show any error but it opens a blank PDF with the invoice#
  11. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    I created the directories, gave them 777 recursive and still the same problem
  12. wmac

    [SOLVED] Can't view invoices TCPDF ERROR

    PHP GD is loaded I don't have all those directories under /uploads/1 I will create and check Thanks