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  1. sorry for the long delay in replying i could make the gateway a non-merchant BUT it means the customer has to pay for the invoice themselves and i cant let blesta take the payments etc itself without me doing anything the gateway is sadly 'GoCardless' which handles UK Direct Debits if i was to set it up as non-merchant, and a user bought a plan, gocardless wud need 3 WORKING days to setup the account and DD then 3 WORKING days to take the payment, then i would have to manually go into blesta and select the user had made a payment because i cant get gocardless to notifify blesta of a payment without using there PRO PLAN which costs £200 a month ONTOP of ur fees i have however tho through of a way, so im going to get building and see where i end up dont gocardless as a payment gateway, just doing it as a plugin or module go into the customer, click a custom button which then created the gocardless account and mandate, and returns back to the blesta panel without any issue, then on the cronjob, once a day check for outstanding invoices that havnt already been tried to taken, and then go from there but its going to be a trial and error, so onwards and upwards
  2. Hi All I'm trying to find out if its possible to make a payment gateway to do the following, I have tried a few ways using the API but having no luck but I might be looking at this the wrong way 1. create customer using blesta 2. add ACH details using custom gateway (UK) 3. after submitting the ACH, the blesta HAS to redirect the admin/customer to the gateway hosted pages to re-fill in the ACH details (bloody stupid really as i HAVE to do this unless i wanna pay over £300 a month to have full API access to NOT have to redirect the admin/customer) 4. after filling in and gateway says all is OK, it then redirects back to blesta to say successful 5. once a month when invoices are generated, it takes the payment using the custom gateway i have been able to do step 1, step 2, step 3 fine without any issue however im stuck with step 4 and 5 from what ive read in the docs, api, and php files, you can only redirect back to blesta using a Non-Merchant Gateway is the anyway around this or as i said am i just being silly and missing something completely Simon
  3. si458

    page takes ages to load after create client

    Hi All, im not sure what the problem was but i started all over again and now all seems ok? just deleted DB, deleted blesta folder and started again (didnt recreate the VM) thank you all anyways for the help Simon
  4. si458

    page takes ages to load after create client

    ok well tried it again today and now im getting even weirder results? copied the hotfix/php7.1 over AGAIN just incase it miss-copied - same results increased memory and cpu of VM from 2 core, 4gb to 4 core, 8gb - its now loads the page quicker (not instant, just quicker say 15secs instead of 30secs) BUT even weirder when it redirects to the 'successfully created' client page, the clients page is now showing 2 entries for one client? even tho all links seem to link to the same client id ? any ideas?
  5. si458

    page takes ages to load after create client

    Hi All Sorry the server is a vps but it's on our own hardware in our own datacenter, all ssd, 1g links so I don't think the server is the issue but I will check The memory limit it set as 128mb The vps is dual core 4gb ram 64bit ubuntu Simon
  6. Hi All I'm wondering if anybody else if having the same issue i am or maybe I have something set wrong somewhere When i click create on the create client page the page then sits there saying loading, however after about 30secs it then redirects to the client page and says created And on a few other pages I have the same issue where it seems to wait 30secs then does what it needs to do? Ubuntu 16.04 Apache 2.4 PHP 7.1 Mysql 5.7 Blesta 4.2.0 Thank you for the help Regards Simon