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  1. I am currenty using resell.biz to resell domains but their control panel show a lot more options to the final users that unfortunatelly can't be disabled, so I was wondering if I can solve this problem using Blesta or WHMCS as I believe DNS a domain options are the only ones that I need. Notes: Resell.biz share the same platform as resellerclub
  2. We usually receive requests for upgrading services so then we have to manually calculate the upgrade cost and this takes us a lot of time, so I wondering if you have a better way to handle these issues.
  3. How do you do with the theme setup of both BLESTA configurations?
  4. I am testing BLESTA on this location http://clientes.enlaweb.pe/ but have noticed that the messages in the home site are in english how can it be changed?
  5. Hello, I was wondering if there is any tutorial for installing the Blesta translations located at http://translate.blesta.com/
  6. Recently got installed a non merchant gateway BLESTA plugin so as a result the payment screen looks like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/6iygf01op4uxzeq/payu-non-merchant.jpg?dl=0 and also forces the customer to chose the payment method from an alternative option like in this picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixm1gbqehkvdg5u/other-payment.png?dl=0 However I know that my payment processor has an API that allows the billing software (BLESTA) communicate directly with the payment gateway (and receive the credit card numbers and other information), so I was wondering if the difference between merchant and non merchant is more a difference based on the software approach than in the company processor features itself, and if so could I make a merchant payment gateway for my current payment processor?
  7. After reading this documentation https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Translating+Blesta I downloaded this file http://translate.blesta.com/downloads/es_es-4.1.0.zip however after un compressing it, I noticed that it contains several folders https://www.dropbox.com/s/2n0d1k35gxugfr9/espaƱol.png?dl=0 so I was wondering which ones should I upload and where
  8. Where did you setup Mailgun SMTP settings? I also would like to use it to send my BLESTA emails
  9. Regarding your questions about CULQI. It is growing very fast in Peru because of their rates however PayuLatam has better support and more payment methods.
  10. I have already contacted the developer. Waiting for their final reply In the meantime I am looking for someone who can help me tuning the configuration of the Blesta plugin for PayuLatam I got from a colombian fellow so it can work for Peru.
  11. Time ago I asked for a BLESTA extension for this payment gateway called CULQI https://www.culqi.com/docs/#/pagos/inicio https://www.culqi.com/docs/#/pagos/checkout In that moment I got no response so after Googling for a while I found this alternative for WMHCS https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3443 so I am thinking of contacting its developer
  12. I have found WHMCS versions of the gateway I need. Will try to contact its developer. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1066
  13. I contacted @cyandark weeks ago but didn't receive any response. I am contacting @Blesta Addons now
  14. I would like to have Blesta software integrated with this payment processor https://www.payulatam.com/pe/ The integration documentation is here http://developers.payulatam.com/en/api/index.html How long do you think such a task may take?
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