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  1. Nextop Host

    How to Disable CSRF Protection

    What to do to disable csrf check for registration page?
  2. Nextop Host

    Black Friday At Blesta Addons

    is it recurring? 😜
  3. Nextop Host

    How to Disable CSRF Protection

    @Paul @gosuhost @Blesta Addons, please help me to solve this issue.
  4. Nextop Host

    How to Disable CSRF Protection

    And also need to reduce field from registration form. Another problem is state/provice option showing same name for twice. How to fix this?
  5. Nextop Host

    How to Disable CSRF Protection

    Hi, Need help to disbale csrf protection for registration & password forgot/reset page. Suggestion required to integrate registration page. https://nextophost.com/clients/order/signup/index/Register https://www.nextophost.com/register.html
  6. Hello, I have tried to sign up on translate.blesta.com to contribute in bangla translation but there is no bangla language option available. Can you please add this language on the option? @Paul please, have a look!
  7. Hello, Can you guys help me to tell the procedure to add simple domain availability search widget in client portal? And need the procedure also to add services, tickets, domains, tickets counter on client portal. I've uploaded client_data plugin but can't figuring out how to use ajax codes to call counter. Need help in this issue
  8. Thanks bro! How to change a ticket state like from open to in progress/spam from admin panel? Would you mind to help me make counter on client portal? I've uploaded client_data plugin but can't figure out the working process.
  9. Nextop Host

    Plugin: Email History

    thanks for the contribution
  10. @gosuhost thanks for your reply. I have uninstalled old support manager, but it still available at menu list for both admin & client panel. How can I remove this?
  11. Hi, From admin panel, I can't see any report state change option like in progress, closed etc. And in client side how to add in progress, replied option with counter? @gosuhost
  12. Nextop Host

    [Theme] Cloud

    Hi @cyandark, I need some help 1. How to remove blue left border from the following page: https://nextophost.com/clients/ 2. From client portal, settings menu doesn't show currect options. that showing invoices option. How to fix that?
  13. Nextop Host

    [Solved] Domain Availability Result Issue

    The issue is resolved after assigned the currect domain group
  14. Nextop Host

    [Solved] Domain Availability Result Issue

    @cyandark @Paul please have a look into this issue.
  15. Nextop Host

    [Solved] Domain Availability Result Issue

    the problem took place after upgraded to blesta 4.1.1 patch. Before that everything was fine.