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  1. Child Name Server & Hide Domain Tld

    thanks for your suggestion, I've replaced files with extended module
  2. Child Name Server & Hide Domain Tld

    Hi, 1. I need to allow clients to add/change child nameserver from their account. How can I add this option for logicbixes? And also needed to add domain & email forwarding option. 2. How to customize domain availability check page? I need to hide (to reduce page size) all available tld suggestion under seaech bar. http://nextophost.com/clients/order/config/preconfig/Domains
  3. Hello Everyone, After checking some forum discussion, finally I've managed to check domain availabilty from external/home page Procedure: First go to (for edit) /{blesta-install-directory}/config/blesta.php & search following line: Configure::set("Blesta.csrf_bypass",array()); Now replace that line with following code (No need to disable automatic csrf token protection for whole site): Now configure your external/home page domain checker form, here is my code: Thanks everyone
  4. Service Suspend & Uninstall Cpanel

    Well, it will be better for me to keep that record as cancelled service. thank you so much!
  5. Service Suspend & Uninstall Cpanel

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I've created a new package and added service with same domain using cpanel extended module. And also unckeck "use module" when cancel service from client. the problem is I can't find any option to permanently suspend/remove client service with old cpanel module. old service package is showing under billing>services>cancelled option.
  6. Hi, I've added hosting service using cpanel module. Now, I've installed cpanel extended module & tried to change module for packages but failed. I've change whm api key, password & cancelled client service. Than I created same package & service using cpanel extended module instead of cpanel. Now, I'm trying to delete old package, suspend service (cancelled already) which was created using cpanel module. Also I can't uninstall cpanel module as package & service already exist. How can I fully delete the cancelled service?
  7. Change Model Business

    Set a limited number of addons per membership & allow members to choose their desired addons
  8. Sorry, there is no 'renew date' option found under action. I have manually added the service, hence I did not create any invoice. Is there need to create invoice for changing service renew date?
  9. thanks, it's worked! But how can I set/change next invoice billing date?
  10. Hi, My client has bought from me some domain (logicboxes/resellerclub) & cpanel account before I installed blesta. Now I want to add/assign these services to client in blesta. While I tried to add service, blesta showing error as these domain/cpanel account already exist (not in blesta). Is there any way to import or add these service manually under client account?
  11. Add a Package Directly to Cart

    How to add a domain directly to blesta cart to purchase?
  12. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I've checked some forum post regarding the issue. I found this one but is there any security problem if I disable csrf token?