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  1. Hi guys I am wondering is it possible to change the default numbering systems for client ID's as I am looking at moving from autotask to blesta for one of our businesses and we have a current client numbering in place. We are using the following format XXX000001 etc onwards. Is it possible even at a database level to change the numbering layout.
  2. Hi, I am wondering is it possible to change how GoCardless appears on the customer site and rename it as Direct Debit and also the same for payment type.
  3. Shane O-Mac

    Slow Support

    Is it just me or is Blesta support seem to be getting slower. I get development tickets to be slower while they look into API etc to get the price but for billing and normal support they seem to be slow as hell at the moment.
  4. this is disappointing as I have a ticket asking them to apply the discount to the invoice also delete the invoice for our dev licence as we ordered it on that as well and still no reply.
  5. To be fair Michael has done a post before that clearly states how to do it so he could link to it or check the docs.blesta.com where it clearly tells you. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Removing+Branding
  6. Thanks for the feedback, will see what I can come up design wise and see what looks better.
  7. we actually integrated blesta with our concrete5, as we are planning on moving it to a different server in the near further incase a update to Plesk breaks our website our portal would still be online.
  8. I just thought I would show off our integration of blesta :) what do you guys think?
  9. We are selling our CMS as we changed our mind for our website CMS and went with concrete5 instead. We brought it at last December but only installed it on our dev domain which blesta is no longer installed on. We are looking at £100 for this which will include 1 more year of updates and the administration fee to transfer it to you.
  10. the only issue ive had is its not updating the payments within blesta and I have to do this by hand.
  11. Hey guys, I am wondering is it possible to add either the order number or invoice number to the offline payment gate way like WHMCS does. Account Name: ?? Bank Name: ?? Sort Code: ?? Account Number: ?? Order or Invoice number: {order.id_code} or {invoice.id_code} Just thinking it would be easier as when placing an order it does show the order number but within the portal it shows the invoice.
  12. Mines doing the same with our letterhead image. Any idea on getting a work around.
  13. No for example here and even on the login screen etc
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