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  1. You can't cancel it yet leave it active. The customer would have to be charged $9.90/m or you'd have to cancel it and have the customer setup a new subscription when the time is due for the correct amount. If Blesta implemented billing agreements, this wouldn't be a problem: https://requests.blesta.com/topic/paypal-billing-agreements
  2. The module isn't that feature-rich and likely wouldn't cover your needs here. What you can do is look to add a feature request (http://requests.blesta.com) or consider custom development (https://www.blesta.com/development/).
  3. All of your addon companies are associated with that single license so it wouldn't be a separate one for each. Most likely your license just doesn't yet recognize the addon company associated with your license. To fix that, you can try revalidating your license by visiting /admin/license in your browser (replacing /admin/ with any custom admin directory if you have one set).
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