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  1. I just got one more suggestion: What about adding some good customized templates for support tickets? Will be really great Adding feedback system will also work, well we already know that they are all suggested to Blesta development team since years, but we all know that it won't take them more than 3-4 years to complete them, so suggesting you to add in that pro version
  2. What Domain Reseller works best with Blesta?

    They will release this year? Forget about it, they are saying that from every year
  3. Actually i am not in Europe, so that is why it isn't good for me. You could add more payment processor for withdrawals like Skrill.
  4. What Domain Reseller works best with Blesta?

    Namesilo works fine
  5. 50 Euro per wire? So this is basically not for small companies. So probably Coinpayments is better then.
  6. [Ideas] Notification Center

    This should have been present in Blesta from first, i wonder why it isn't present...
  7. We want you! :)

    Maybe a module for automation of game servers, so that will also attract the game server companies to show interest in Blesta, there is already for premium one, but would be better if its available for free game CPs like OGP, GamePanelX, Easy-Wi
  8. Support Manager Pro

    Can't wait to use your updated Support Manager!
  9. Hey! Welcome back! Though i was not in this community when you made all those modules, contributed a lot for this Blesta. But all i know is that you really did good job, and what @Blesta Addons is doing right now. And yes, they didn't release Domain Manager, thats the worst of it. They have been telling us from so long time, and they also said that it will be released in end of 2017, but there's no sign. Moreover @Paul doesn't even reply to this thread. This shows that Blesta isn't caring about the interest of the people. Whatever it is only Blesta's loss, company owners will never wait more longer.
  10. Scheduled canceled service not removing invoice

    Actually this feature isn't even working for me too. I have noticed from when i bought Blesta and then saw that there are still open invoices after services are cancelled. I have to manually void them which is seriously a long work.
  11. Perfect Money Payment Gateway not working correctly.

    I saw logs of PerfectMoney payment gateway and saw that there is an error in callback.
  12. Perfect Money Payment Gateway not working correctly.

    All other payment gateways are working fine.
  13. Perfect Money Payment Gateway not working correctly.

    Thats happening since they released the beta version of it, i don't know type of stable build they released that it has same bug which i reported in other thread. It also happened to me, it never marked the invoice as paid when someone pays via PerfectMoney.
  14. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    Minimum allowed is 0.68630057 LTC