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  1. Allowing HTML & JS SCRIPT in Offline Payment

    The problem is fixed, just looked at some old threads and found the solution. I will also mention how to allow HTML and JS in the instruction block. Go to: /components/gateways/nonmerchant/offline/views/default/process.pdt You will see this in there, so remove this: <?php echo $this->TextParser->encode("markdown", $this->Html->ifSet($meta['instructions'])); ?> Add this now: <?php echo $this->Html->ifSet($meta['instructions']); ?>
  2. Allowing HTML & JS SCRIPT in Offline Payment

    It is not a JS file though, i am just adding a JS code which is "Pay now" button in order to open the payment page on the client area automatically. I just need to know how we can allow use of JS & HTML in instruction block.
  3. Hello, There are some payment methods that doesn't have Blesta Integration now at least all i could is to add a JS script for Pay now button but found out that JS & HTML can't be used in an instruction block. Can anyone help me how to allow JS and HTML in instruction? Would be really appreciated.
  4. New Payment Gateway needed

    Hello, I have just found a payment gateway that allows the client's to use many payment methods such as webmoney, bitcoin, paysafecard together. However the only problem is the automation and again the module is available for WHMCS but not Blesta. Payment gateway link: https://www.payssion.com/ API Documentation: https://payssion.com/en/docs/ This payment gateway looks very useful specially for hosting companies. Please vote for it here: https://requests.blesta.com/topic/payssion
  5. just imported from WHMCS and clients cant login

    Blesta should consider finding new ways, and keep updating the import plugin
  6. Is this thing available in Blesta?

    Well whatever, i do not have a lot of knowledge for it but i needed that feature for my hosting. Since we have got many votes, Paul has said that he will mark this as planned in a week.
  7. Is this thing available in Blesta?

    If its not connected to cPanel, then the system may not be automatic. I guess. Make sure you guys vote for it at requests.
  8. Is this thing available in Blesta?

    Requested. https://requests.blesta.com/topic/choosing-a-subdomain-for-hosting-product
  9. Is this thing available in Blesta?

    Correct, like testhost.com is my domain, so if someone doesn't have a domain, they can choose this.
  10. Hello, Is there something like making automatic sub domain on hosting creation? For example if my domain is testhost.com, then clients will be able to register it like this: website.testhost.com Please let me know, i have seen that WHMCS has this feature, if you don't understand what i mean then you can check this post: https://whmcs.community/topic/97821-give-away-free-subdomain-automatically/
  11. Yes true, it should have everything that hosting company needs. And yes, i agree with that we need affiliate system too which is very necessary. I am not sure why they are recommending me to buy from third-party place. This plugin should be officially made by Blesta. Coupon system is also not good, due to that i am not even able to create coupons since i cannot choose the terms which is very bad. Coupons are actually useless in Blesta.
  12. This is very wrong thinking that the software would not run better when there are more developers. Take a look at some examples, big softwares. They are made by hundreds of developers and it is true that they do make mistakes, and then those bugs are fixed immediately. When you just don't hire the developers and sit behind, nothing will work. It will take sometime for them to get trained but at least we will get the result after all. How come you are so sure that they will not stick to the rules, they will not do quality work? This is absolutely wrong. Don't other company owners hire other developers? Then all their development becomes buggy? Never heard any incident like that. When you hire professional, you won't find anything wrong. When you don't take the risk, you cannot do anything. A new developer will make mistake in starting but it doesn't mean that he will KEEP making those mistakes. Won't they get used to it? Forget about the competitor, Blesta is already so far away from the competitor, at least they take the risk of hiring developers. Whatever you are gonna say to the competitor, it is still ahead, at least they are successful and are leading in this market. You don't seem to understand the fact that Blesta is made for all type of companies. For large companies it is very hard. And more to include, the domain system is more similar to Boxbilling which i remember using, at first time when i used Blesta, it wasn't even able to sync the renewal date. And you know what? Boxbilling isn't even updated for last three years, so makes me feel that i am back to Boxbilling again. Again, this problem is only due to lack of developers.
  13. This doesn't make sense to be honest, instead of working slowly, Blesta must have hired some new developers. I guess Blesta is a serious company and it is supposed to have many developers. I am not sure why but it seems like Blesta doesn't want to hire more developers, just because they don't want to give them money right? If you talk about the "Well made updates, with no security breaches etc." then don't say that it has to take time. Professional developers do exist, and they only work when you are giving them proper money. So if they had more developers, they would be able to fulfill both the choices at same time. Sorry for being rude, but i feel that one developer can't just run this whole company if they want to compete with competitors. On an index page of Blesta, it is written that it is a perfect solution for hosting companies but forgetting the fact that domain management system should be proper since they both work together perfectly. Focusing on other modules which are not actually compulsory to be used by people, but domain management is something that every hosting company uses.
  14. It was announced on August 22, 2016, and now it is already one year and i see no progress, it was meant to be released in Blesta 4.1. I don't know why these features are not added which are so necessary for hosting companies.
  15. Discount on specific payment method

    Hello, Is it possible to give a discount, make lower price for specific payment method. Like if i want to promote Bitcoin payment method, and people will get discount by using it.