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  1. It is also required for DirectAdmin.
  2. Right i used: Instant Notification Service (INS) secret word
  3. 2Checkout payment gateway is now recording payments after i used Secret Word.
  4. Ye, thanks. I hope it is done as soon as possible so everyday we have to record transactions manually
  5. Right, the transaction is just not recorded in Blesta. Merchant code is Vendor Account Number, correct. But i used Secret Key instead of a Secret Word so could this be a problem? I will let you know after any transaction.
  6. Yes, i am using the one that you showed in first image.
  7. @Jono I can confirm this issue. I hope that it is fixed as soon as possible...
  8. Lampard

    namesilo bug

    And if the owner of that module goes inactive or stops using Blesta in future, and some day Blesta releases version that causes compatibility issues, what are you going to do when your whole module stops functioning which has more than 100 active domains?
  9. Lampard

    namesilo bug

    You should consider Namesilo module officially, it has such a high-demand and most domain resellers are using this right now.
  10. It is good to see you here @coreyman, i hope you remember me from somewhere else.
  11. Yes it does create the account with correct info too, but it generates the wrong password.
  12. It just doesn't delete. It keeps the account with incorrect info too. Clicking the service login link shows API error, even though the generated password is wrong which isn't functioning when logging in manually too.
  13. Its better not to be depended on an individual person, they would either go away or stop putting any effort. I would suggest you to request Blesta for it, once made officially it would be regularly updated.
  14. I would really appreciate if @Blesta Addons can work on a better module which also includes reseller etc.
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