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  1. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    Minimum allowed is 0.68630057 LTC
  2. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    Actually i have got some Litecoins, now the hard thing is to find exchangers. I do not invest a lot due to risk, so i have actually around $25 at Litecoin which is around 0.3 Litecoin. Now i cannot find any exchangers to convert it into bitcoin. Most of them have minimum limit to exchange for 0.7 Litecoin, or more.
  3. Blesta Addons Widget

    Click on update will be really nice, since uploading an addon is very long work
  4. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    Ethereum, Litecoin. Bitcoin will not go down so quickly, it will even go higher than $12,000
  5. Hubtel Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    Again another payment method but can't see any progress on the main thing that is pending since more than two years and also claimed that they would release beta in Blesta 4.1. I wonder how these payment methods are important to any one of the person using Blesta when it is missing the most important part of a billing system, domain manager. So called "The Billing Platform for Hosting Providers".
  6. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    It is basically a detailed statistics, it will just list down the clients with packages, such as the list of clients with Hosting package etc. list of clients with .com domain.
  7. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    In the same stats module...
  8. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    One more suggestion: It would be more good if we could see the list of the clients with specific packages too, (clients name)
  9. [Module] WHMPHP Module

    It doesn't seem to work. When i check out, it shows a blank page, happens only to WHMPHP module orders.
  10. Black Friday At Blesta Addons

  11. Black Friday At Blesta Addons

    Finally! i was really waiting for it. How can i pay via Skrill or Bitcoin?
  12. Where can i find basic statistics?

    Yes, Blesta Addons is doing the work that should be done by Blesta developers.
  13. [Ideas] Stats Plugin

    Services Count and it also includes specific package and package groups The month with highest revenue Total sales of each product The best selling product (count from activated products) Also you are doing a really great job which Blesta Developers should have actually done officially. Keep it up!
  14. Just being honest, why would this need to be sponsored? I wouldn't mind this getting sponsored if it was an extra feature not necessary. This feature is VERY important and unfortunately we see no interest from Blesta Developers. And monthly updates, i see nothing special in it. Its more like fixing three or four bugs and releasing just to show off that we update every month which has no significant change.
  15. cPanel Clone Problem

    Or i would just wait for @Blesta Addons since it will be released this week