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  1. Lampard

    New Payment Gateway needed

    I hope this payment gateway module is created, it is very useful. I just checked out its module on other platforms and i was able to set up 50+ payment methods so nicely. With this payment method Blesta don't need to create separate gateway for all those payment methods in Brazil, Middle East, Asia etc. This will be really nice for Blesta and good for hosting companies.
  2. Lampard

    WARNING about user here

    1. From 5 days you said same thing, this already gives a feeling to freelancer that the customer is ditching, none of my customer has ever done this infact they have always asked us to do the work faster and has always supplied all information. 2. I asked you to confirm since when customer don't reply from many days, freelancer can already understand that what is going on. 3. Terrible thoughts? Sure thing, all screenshots are mentioned on main thread and you guys can see what "terrible thoughts" they are, telling him that how will i pay to my freelancer are terrible thoughts, telling him that you ditched me, are terrible thoughts. 4. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION? THE SAME INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD PUT ON YOUR WEB, WHICH WILL BE CRAWLED BY BOTS, EVERYONE ON INTERNET, IS THAT FINE??? WOW HYPOCRISY. "I want my money" I never said that. I ASKED YOU WHETHER YOU WILL PAY OR NOT WHEN PROJECT IS FINISHED TO CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE NOT DITCHING US. A normal freelancer and a company ALWAYS asks for that, YOU have never worked with people or you just need an excuse NOT TO pay for what we did. Infact every NORMAL FREELANCER/COMPANY takes payment in advance, but we gave favors to you which then you just abused. Good luck doing business with others, today you scammed me, tomorrow someone else will scam you.
  3. Lampard

    WARNING about user here

    When a live demo is sent, it is easy to copy the HTML & CSS, when you can give out those small excuses for not paying for this project then no one can trust you that whether you will be using them or not. This is not Web Hosting that you do that at billing time, YOU COULD SIMPLY REJECT in one first day progress, but no you prefer to waste our time, you even said wonderful when we sent you progress. You can't trust anyone on Internet, this is the truth, i would never expect this guy to be doing this but anything can happen on Internet. I did not take any payment in advance, because i trusted that guy due to his threads and post on this forum I did this mistake. By the way, since all the conversation took place on the forum, i asked Paul to take access of my account and check all those messages, full conversation. I sent him whole website image in starting but some features can't be tested out in an image so i decided to send demo by trusting someone. When you can waste our 10 days, and then made me pending and my freelancers for so long time, why does it concern to people like you? You are here to waste people's time. You even mentioned on your old thread where you needed a web developer that they couldn't, probably the reason was same. I am not sure but even on Fiverr people like you open dispute and take the money back this way. However i shouldn't have trusted you first. You talk about medical data, WHAT MEDICAL DATA I AM LEAKING HERE? You want my freelancers to wait for an year to complete your project? Is that how you treat your workers? What answer can i give to my freelancers? What did they work for? When we completed your web layout and all main things you agreed that content has to be added now, WHICH we also added that. WE ARE NOT AN AUTHORITY TO KEEP SUCH INFORMATION SECRET, how much hypocrisy is that when you want us to add content where you have to mention on your web, THIS MEDICAL DATA. Now you have a problem when i have mentioned here? I see what you are doing here. Such people like you may say that i am lieing, but anyways i would always like to post the proof:
  4. Lampard

    WARNING about user here

    Hello! As you know that few days ago one of the person here posted about needing a web developer, which i gave him suggestion and then he asked me if i know someone. I do that work usually with my friends that are freelancers. Here is a thread Username is: MineHarvest66 What happened? On 19th July 2018, he gave me all the requirements for website and how website should look like. We also agreed on a price, there were some problem with payment methods but we also sorted it out. I gave him progress of every day, and showed him the template. He also said that i am on the right direction. When layout was done from our side the time came for changes, we did every change he told us. We also told him that it will take us 10 days for this project however we completed it in less than 5 days. From the first day, we agreed that we will put any content he wants which we did for him. We added every content he gave us. So almost everything was done. He said that he will send more content. We waited 5 days but there was no reply from him so i sent him message to send me the contents he told us that he will send them as soon as he can. Now please check out all the screenshots, all the conversation took place in messenger of Blesta. Please see the quotes too, since conversation is so long i was not able to take so many screenshots. When we asked for some important things to start with: Note: I asked him second option because he was not replying. I think that these screenshots are so enough to prove this guy a scammer. You can even check his reply, and his excuses to just end up this project, probably he didn't want to pay but wasted all our time for this project. I even hired freelancer and i have to pay him, what will i do now? This is also my mistake that i trusted this guy by looking at his registration date on Blesta forums, his threads, his posts, i thought that this type of person on community will not do that and will be serious for that project. What you can do? STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY, HE IS JUST HERE FOR SCAMMING PEOPLE MOSTLY AND WASTING PEOPLE'S TIME! I have been scammed at many places before, but i never made this type of thread like that but i am not gonna leave this guy like this, world should know about it. Since it was HTML theme the codes could be stolen which i am not sure if he did as i just sent him demo. I also hope that Blesta moderators do something, these type of people don't deserve to be on this community.
  5. Lampard

    Small Business Website Development Company or Developer?

    I know few freelancers that are into web development, PM me your requirements and budget. I will contact them and see if they can fulfill your requirements.
  6. Lampard

    Small Business Website Development Company or Developer?

    Just hire the freelancer and do one-time payment, to be honest they give so many revisions in so affordable budget. Hiring someone from company will surely cost lot of money and of course their policies will have many limitations, so freelancer will be a good choice.
  7. Lampard

    Module WHMAMP?

    There is no WHMAMP module for Blesta yet, though @Blesta Addons made WHMPHP module, so you may request him to make it, the demand is high for it since WHMPHP has closed.
  8. Lampard

    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    Oh damn. @Blesta Addons should make a module for WHMAMP then :) I am sure all of them will move to WHMAMP.
  9. Lampard

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    You have done a great job! A really great module which was really needed.
  10. Lampard

    Namesilo Plugin

    Ops sorry, found out that user didn't put name servers.
  11. Lampard

    Namesilo Plugin

    Found few bugs: .us domain won't provision automatically since 2-3 questions are asked by Namesilo and so you have to do it manually. Name servers don't set automatically, the chosen one after order gets activated, it gets the parking name server.
  12. I just got one more suggestion: What about adding some good customized templates for support tickets? Will be really great Adding feedback system will also work, well we already know that they are all suggested to Blesta development team since years, but we all know that it won't take them more than 3-4 years to complete them, so suggesting you to add in that pro version
  13. Lampard

    What Domain Reseller works best with Blesta?

    They will release this year? Forget about it, they are saying that from every year
  14. Actually i am not in Europe, so that is why it isn't good for me. You could add more payment processor for withdrawals like Skrill.