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  1. Lampard

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    I would really appreciate if @Blesta Addons can work on a better module which also includes reseller etc.
  2. Lampard

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    Still waiting for it to work, i hope that it gets fixed. List of problems when using this module: - Creates a domain, along with another domain with username, e,g if i created test.com, it will also create another domain tes.com if username is test. - Password doesn't work when its created with Blesta - Wrong info is added, wrong email etc when Blesta creates user in CyberPanel These are big problems, hope that they get fixed asap.
  3. Lampard

    new admin dashboard

    Looks great! I would love to see the detailed stats on dashboard
  4. Lampard

    Module WHMAMP?

    If you can request @Blesta Addons he will be able to make it for you.
  5. Lampard

    Vultr Module (Alpha)

    That guy doesn't even come to this forums, he should have STOPPED selling these themes if he don't want to maintain them. Whatever i bought some another theme from ThemeForest instead of using the theme with so many bugs.
  6. Lampard

    Vultr Module (Alpha)

    @Jawanet won't do anything, the guy is not even updating his own themes, just few days ago i purchased one of his theme which was completely different from demo and had LOADs of bugs. Tried hiring developers for that but all of them said that it has so much messy code that they would rather prefer making new from scratch than fixing its bug. I asked him for refund but he says his terms of service has no refund allowed.
  7. Lampard

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    @Blesta Addons is doing a great job, only one suggestion i have for you that you can start selling your plugins individually at CodeCanyon. I see that your interface of website is a bit messy. But it still does the work. There is no one at CodeCanyon that sells these Blesta addons, so you will be able to sell lot at CodeCanyon.
  8. Lampard

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    I cannot find API documentation, probably the developers have to go through their GitHub for API. They have added three different users role which is why probably the newer version won't work with Blesta module and cause issues.
  9. Lampard

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    This should be updated, as CyberPanel released a new version which is causing problem for this module to work in newer versions. Whenever an account is created by Blesta, it gives the admin access.
  10. Lampard

    Email notification for canceled service

    Created on: 25/Nov/15 1:36 PM When its going to be released then?
  11. Lampard

    Affiliate module for Blesta

    Yes i agree about that, Blesta should think about making collaboration with those companies at-least, if you guys can have something like cPanel collaborated, i am pretty sure that this would put more interest into customer.
  12. Lampard

    Change Package automatically runs

    Hello, By default it is set to upgrade instantly, however you can change your settings so that the upgrade only takes place after invoice has been paid. To change settings, follow steps below: Go to Settings > Company > Billing/Payment > Invoice and Charge Options Scroll down and you can find this at very end: Queue Service Changes Until Paid You can tick that and save the settings to enable upgrade only after invoice is paid.
  13. Lampard

    New Payment Gateway needed

    I hope this payment gateway module is created, it is very useful. I just checked out its module on other platforms and i was able to set up 50+ payment methods so nicely. With this payment method Blesta don't need to create separate gateway for all those payment methods in Brazil, Middle East, Asia etc. This will be really nice for Blesta and good for hosting companies.
  14. Lampard

    WARNING about user here

    1. From 5 days you said same thing, this already gives a feeling to freelancer that the customer is ditching, none of my customer has ever done this infact they have always asked us to do the work faster and has always supplied all information. 2. I asked you to confirm since when customer don't reply from many days, freelancer can already understand that what is going on. 3. Terrible thoughts? Sure thing, all screenshots are mentioned on main thread and you guys can see what "terrible thoughts" they are, telling him that how will i pay to my freelancer are terrible thoughts, telling him that you ditched me, are terrible thoughts. 4. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION? THE SAME INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULD PUT ON YOUR WEB, WHICH WILL BE CRAWLED BY BOTS, EVERYONE ON INTERNET, IS THAT FINE??? WOW HYPOCRISY. "I want my money" I never said that. I ASKED YOU WHETHER YOU WILL PAY OR NOT WHEN PROJECT IS FINISHED TO CONFIRM THAT YOU ARE NOT DITCHING US. A normal freelancer and a company ALWAYS asks for that, YOU have never worked with people or you just need an excuse NOT TO pay for what we did. Infact every NORMAL FREELANCER/COMPANY takes payment in advance, but we gave favors to you which then you just abused. Good luck doing business with others, today you scammed me, tomorrow someone else will scam you.
  15. Lampard

    WARNING about user here

    When a live demo is sent, it is easy to copy the HTML & CSS, when you can give out those small excuses for not paying for this project then no one can trust you that whether you will be using them or not. This is not Web Hosting that you do that at billing time, YOU COULD SIMPLY REJECT in one first day progress, but no you prefer to waste our time, you even said wonderful when we sent you progress. You can't trust anyone on Internet, this is the truth, i would never expect this guy to be doing this but anything can happen on Internet. I did not take any payment in advance, because i trusted that guy due to his threads and post on this forum I did this mistake. By the way, since all the conversation took place on the forum, i asked Paul to take access of my account and check all those messages, full conversation. I sent him whole website image in starting but some features can't be tested out in an image so i decided to send demo by trusting someone. When you can waste our 10 days, and then made me pending and my freelancers for so long time, why does it concern to people like you? You are here to waste people's time. You even mentioned on your old thread where you needed a web developer that they couldn't, probably the reason was same. I am not sure but even on Fiverr people like you open dispute and take the money back this way. However i shouldn't have trusted you first. You talk about medical data, WHAT MEDICAL DATA I AM LEAKING HERE? You want my freelancers to wait for an year to complete your project? Is that how you treat your workers? What answer can i give to my freelancers? What did they work for? When we completed your web layout and all main things you agreed that content has to be added now, WHICH we also added that. WE ARE NOT AN AUTHORITY TO KEEP SUCH INFORMATION SECRET, how much hypocrisy is that when you want us to add content where you have to mention on your web, THIS MEDICAL DATA. Now you have a problem when i have mentioned here? I see what you are doing here. Such people like you may say that i am lieing, but anyways i would always like to post the proof: