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  1. Okay thanks, I know I am currently having issues with the cron, will get that resolved. Thanks!
  2. Hello, yes I am back with another question. While its not a large concern, it is something I noticed and wondering if it was caused by something I did. When people checkout with PayPal it works perfectly fine however, when they use subscription it doesn't. When paying via a subscription method, it applies the money sent as credit to the account, you then need to login and apply the credit to the invoice.
  3. Hey thanks, based on your reply I was able to fix my issue. I didn't recall each order forum you could select the payment gateway.
  4. Yes it has been installed, and setup. USD is selected for both PayPal and Stripe, I will check the order form out, it may not be selected.
  5. This is all that is shown at the checkout screen: https://gyazo.com/cf748ef091736754336009d1eb3aab7c
  6. Hello, I am new to Blesta, currently in the process of moving some of our brands to this billing platform. I am currently having an issue with Blesta invoices showing Stripe. Upon a client checking out, they are only shown the option to checkout with PayPal. Stripe is not shown anywhere on the invoice/checkout page. I logged in and ensured it was setup properly and that we have credit cards enabled. I am unsure how to resolve this issue, any advice is appreciated.
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