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    Dealing with pending operation

    Thank you for the replies. I was hoping to not have to do a plugin but I guess for now that's the route to go. Thanks all for your inputs, I do really appreciate it.
  2. Julien

    Allow Modules To Add Cron Tasks

    Hello, any advance on this subject? I posted a new thread here about dealing with pending operation, and this thread seems to be on point. Any news on having cron job for module?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm actually working on a Registrar module and I would like some opinion on how to deal with pending operations. By that I mean maybe someone want's to order a domain name but the process can take between 0 seconds to a few days if technical issues arises, and so our server might respond with an indication that the operation is pending, meaning it will be resolved but it's not instantaneous. My line of thought would be to issue a warning/error when such an operation arise, saying something like 'Operation is being processed' or something close. Then running a cron job that check our API if the operation is still pending or failed or is successful, and then altering the DB in case of success. My questions are: - Did I oversee some crucials steps in this process? - Could you point me to the table in the database that I might need to read/edit for this process to succeed? - Is there a way to raise an actual warning? Not an error but a real warning? For error I use $this->Input->setErrors, is It's not a very clear question as I'm still thinking about it, any feedback would be appreciated. And forgive me for my English. Julien Edit1: Also in documentation it talk about cron configuration only for plugins, not for modules. Will I run into any problem? Edit2: I discovered this thread about cron for module, I asked there if there were any news.