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  1. Hi Everybody, If anyone is interested in selling all 521 tld's that Enom support, I have attached my enom config file. I have not done any fancy sorting of the list, just from a-z. This needs to replace the ./blesta/components/modules/enom/config/enom.php file in the zip. Hope this helps everyone Paul enom.php
  2. Can addon prices be set to be a percentage of the base package cost? I sell VPS's and my backup service, as an example, is a percentage of the base service cost, rather than having several different options, for each individual package, with a different price, am I able to set the option to be 20% of base price for example? Many Thanks Paul
  3. That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks
  4. Is there a way to have recurring items without setting a package up? I do server management and bill people for it monthly, but I do not want to set a package up for it as every client has a different price. Am I able to do what I am asking using a base install of Blesta, or would it need to be custom coded? Many Thanks
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