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  1. Just as the title says, $225 or best offer. Support currently active: Renew Date: Jul 21, 2021 Thanks
  2. I am on ver 1.8.5 The page I get this on is when I try to managed the module. Here is a stacktrace: Printing Stack Trace: #0 [internal function]: UnknownException::setErrorHandler(8, 'Undefined varia...', '/...', 639, Array) #1 .../vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/ErrorHandler.php(173): call_user_func(Array, 8, 'Undefined varia...', '/...', 639, Array) #2 .../components/modules/namesilo/namesilo.php(639): Monolog\ErrorHandler->handleError(8, 'Undefined varia...', '/...', 639, Array) #3 .../app/controllers/admin_company_modules.php(106): Namesilo->manageModule(Obj
  3. Is anyone running this on Blesta 4.3.2 and php7? I currently get Something went wrong. Undefined variable: link_buttons When i enable it try to 'manage' it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Panfilo

    List domain pricing

    @Blesta Addons Yes, something like that
  5. Hello! Has anyone found a way to list domain pricing? Or, can anyone tell me how to best edit the domains page: /order/config/preconfig/domains If there is no plug n play to do the listing, I am planning on building a simple table at the bottom and listing prices. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. Panfilo

    View quotes error

    Ah, Thank you! WIll do.
  7. Panfilo

    View quotes error

    Get the following error when trying to view a quote Using Blesta 4.2.2
  8. That worked, was able to find it and delete it. Thanks!
  9. The highlighted portion of the image is not clickable so need an alternate way
  10. I have a client with a ghost contact that is prohibiting the system from sending out invoices. Can someone point me in the right direction where I would delete said contact? I can not delete it within Blesta. I have provided a screenshot.
  11. @Paul I found the problem... Doesn't seem to be a Blesta problem. @Blesta Addons 's html_invoice when selected doesn't update the date_sent so it sends infinitely. All other options work just fine. Thanks for everyone's patience
  12. Not that I am aware of. Using blesta straight out of the box. Anything I need to double check?
  13. @Paul I have the following error in that file leading to the upgrade and after: [2017-12-26 18:44:00] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: sprintf(): Too few arguments {"code":2,"message":"sprintf(): Too few arguments","file":"blesta/vendors/minphp/language/src/Language.php","line":125}
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