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  1. Problems with Coupons

    Hi All, I have an issue with coupon application. When a client goes to order and applies the coupon, it shows the right amount. But when they go to checkout and the invoice doesnt show show the coupon and shows the full price. Here is the video: https://www.screencast.com/t/bgl9GDKZurrV
  2. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    Damn... I dont know CSS. Oh well.
  3. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    Are there options to change these colors? http://prntscr.com/hza52e
  4. Affiliates Support?

    Does Blesta support Affiliates and keep track of commision like WHMCS? I did not see anywhere about affiliates
  5. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    what should be the ideal size of the logo
  6. Blesta and CPanel Auto setup

    Ok so I got it to set up the account for me. It sets up the accounts in WHM. But.... However it only send this info via email: Can anyone help me where I can add all the login info that it will send via email? Hi R,Your service has been approved and activated. Please keep this email for your records.
  7. Blesta and CPanel Auto setup

    Yes I figured it out. Just the welcome email I guess I need to set that up with all the { } info I suppose. Thought they would have a standard here is your server and login info. Lot of manual work to use this software
  8. Blesta and CPanel Auto setup

    Hi All, I have setup Blesta and also added the Cpanel Module where I entered the login and the Token or remote key. Is there anything else I need to do for Blesta to send the Cpanel details to clients after they have ordered or do I need to do any more steps? Thanks
  9. Stripe Module

    Hope I am not regretting this and this software seems so unpolished compared to WHMCS.
  10. Stripe Module

    Yeah kind of dumb not having the option to explain it. Who would know what SQUARE is.
  11. Stripe Module

    Ok works now, is there a way to edit Square to say Credit Card Payments Via Square?
  12. Stripe Module

    Ok I added the gateway and added Stripe to the payment in settings. But when I place an order only Paypal shows as payment type, there is no other option. Edit just read your message of order form. Checking that now
  13. Stripe Module

    Thank you, signing up to Square now.
  14. Stripe Module

    I guess I should look into Square for payments instead of Stripe then. Hopefully that works.
  15. Stripe Module

    So in short dont waste my time adding Stripe as a payment gateway then. Why do they have it there then as a module I wonder if its not working properly. Crazy they cant pass all the CC info on to Stripe.