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  1. Does Blesta team regular updates the https://translate.blesta.com/ with the new language pack everytime a new version is released? I want to start using Blesta and at https://translate.blesta.com/ the language I want to use its 61% completed. I'm willing to translate the remaining, but I need to be sure it's already the latest v4.5.2 pack and that every time a new Blesta version is released Blesta team updates the language files. Thanks
  2. Hey all, Is Blesta latest version v4.4.0 already 100% compatible/compliant with EU invoices? Or there is still work to be done on this? I'm located in Euope so I need a billing system that can worh according to EU laws and taxes. Thanks
  3. Any update on this from Blesta team? The initial reply email when a client opens a new ticket should be from the department where the ticket was open. The behaviour should be the same as WHMCS does / works.
  4. Any update on this from Blesta team? The issue with same client not able to use the same email as username is keeping me out from buying the multi-company add-on. I really need this, so I can have the same clients, on separate brands. Thanks
  5. GDPR is comming very soon. Does Blesta dev team has any further update on this? The law comes into effect 25 May, so can Blesta team ensure us that before that date Blesta will meet and be compliant with GDPR? Because if not, any provider using Blesta will be unable to sell services to companies located in Europe. When I mean unable, I know it's possible, but it will break the law. I'm not here to discuss if people agree on GDPR or not. The only thing I can say is that is a very serious law and the fines and penalties are very hard! Also it's very hard to be compliant. So I please reques
  6. Thaks dor the advise! Will ask if my telecom provider has that feature. That use case scenario is the one that closest meet my needs.
  7. Take the time as you need to do it right! I prefer to wait rather than have a "buggy" version. Keep up the good work and continue to value quality over speed!
  8. Yes, I was using Google Chrome. Glad to see you fix the issue!
  9. Happy to hear that and hope to see it soon!
  10. Im just a newbie starting to using Blesta and expresing my opinions. Im not telling my solution is the right one.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. About the ability to order items that are not services, probavbby yes is the case. But that is up to your team to decide the best way to do it. For me at least and I think that for many freelancers having the ability for a client to buy hours of work in advance would be really great!
  12. Are you suggesting that for clients or admin? Anyway I think it's a simple change that your team can apply on a future update.
  13. Thanks for the info. Can you please consider on a future Blesta update to allow distinction between admin and clients? This is very usefull since in most cases the admins would require more session time than clients. I speak for myself where I want for admin Blesta session to be at least 8 hours, that is my normal work day. But clients should required less session time, since it's not needed and they care a lot less about security, accessing Blesta sometimes using public/friends computers, etc..
  14. Yes, because at the moment for hourly i'm using the one-time option. Having hourly option would be great. My use case is very usefull for consultancy services, where clients should be allow to buy using Blesta.
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