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  1. thehoster4you

    Blesta won't mail anymore

    Hello, I have blesta and my mail is always working. and now when i look in the logs i see that the mail never is sending. If i do it manualy resend i get this error: The email failed to send due to a configuration issue. I can not find where my problem is. please help.
  2. thehoster4you

    TransIP Module for blesta

    Goodday, I want to sell my domains from TransIP only is there no Module for. For a module you can look the Api for TransIP by this link: https://api.transip.nl/docs/transip.nl/package-Transip.html?_ga=2.114730881.728496749.1528200127-150212830.1524954123 It would be awesome that this can be made. The Hoster 4 you Remon Vrijs
  3. thehoster4you

    Module For domain registrar Trans-IP

    hello, is there an module for the dutch registrar Trans-IP. Here is also the english api documentation from Trans-IP Api: https://api.transip.nl/docs/transip.nl/package-Transip.html?_ga=2.233952414.1077064684.1526569007-150212830.1524954123
  4. thehoster4you


    But where can i found your module than?
  5. thehoster4you

    [CentovaCast] Please add AutoDJ and the Type of shoutcast

    @cyandark i have send you a pm
  6. thehoster4you

    [CentovaCast] Please add AutoDJ and the Type of shoutcast

    @cyandark i can provide you a test server
  7. thehoster4you

    [CentovaCast] Please add AutoDJ and the Type of shoutcast

    thank you @BlestaStore
  8. Hello, I'm using the centova module from blesta to make accounts in centova. only i missed een option. The option is that i cannot create now an package with autodj. is it possible to create it. and that he used the AutoDj type Liquidsoap or sc_trans v2. if i choose to use sc_trans v2 then i need also to add bij the Tab AutoDJ the Mp3 unlock name and code en then in mountpoints he must use MP3 is this possible to create it?
  9. thehoster4you


    thanks i wil ask the guys to update this
  10. thehoster4you


    so i need to modify the blesta module to create a autodj?
  11. thehoster4you


    Is it possible to create with the centova module an autodj on centova. he will now only create a livedj packages on the server
  12. thehoster4you


    oke thanx. can i ask you another question @BlestaStore
  13. thehoster4you


    i'm working with the centova module that comes with blesta. i have also seen other centova modules. is this possible the problem?
  14. thehoster4you


    if you want to look with me that is possible
  15. thehoster4you


    while i have the module box unchecked i cannot change the username. i see no option for that.