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  1. Hello, I have blesta and my mail is always working. and now when i look in the logs i see that the mail never is sending. If i do it manualy resend i get this error: The email failed to send due to a configuration issue. I can not find where my problem is. please help.
  2. Goodday, I want to sell my domains from TransIP only is there no Module for. For a module you can look the Api for TransIP by this link: https://api.transip.nl/docs/transip.nl/package-Transip.html?_ga=2.114730881.728496749.1528200127-150212830.1524954123 It would be awesome that this can be made. The Hoster 4 you Remon Vrijs
  3. hello, is there an module for the dutch registrar Trans-IP. Here is also the english api documentation from Trans-IP Api: https://api.transip.nl/docs/transip.nl/package-Transip.html?_ga=2.233952414.1077064684.1526569007-150212830.1524954123
  4. But where can i found your module than?
  5. Hello, I'm using the centova module from blesta to make accounts in centova. only i missed een option. The option is that i cannot create now an package with autodj. is it possible to create it. and that he used the AutoDj type Liquidsoap or sc_trans v2. if i choose to use sc_trans v2 then i need also to add bij the Tab AutoDJ the Mp3 unlock name and code en then in mountpoints he must use MP3 is this possible to create it?
  6. thanks i wil ask the guys to update this
  7. so i need to modify the blesta module to create a autodj?
  8. Is it possible to create with the centova module an autodj on centova. he will now only create a livedj packages on the server
  9. oke thanx. can i ask you another question @BlestaStore
  10. i'm working with the centova module that comes with blesta. i have also seen other centova modules. is this possible the problem?
  11. if you want to look with me that is possible
  12. while i have the module box unchecked i cannot change the username. i see no option for that.
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