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  1. I thought you suggested to paste that HTML there. portal plugin doesn't allow to create a new page. is there another Blesta CMS plugin? I don't see in my plugin list available to me.
  2. Hi BlestaStore I used blesta portal plugin to put index.html code from Futfi theme, however I got double header, double menu and the result is not full width page. I guess I have to remove header part from index.html or edit some file to remove header. any pointer please? Please see the attached file. Regards TD
  3. I guess, I can see the index.html and various variant of index page in HTML format. This is the sample home page that this theme offers. But where do I copy this HTML?
  4. Thanks BlestaStore There is a folder with html files as well, how do I use them? I mean where to upload?
  5. thats great but what to do with these files. how do I apply it? I am new to blesta and tried to search through but didn't found any clear instruction of how to implement custom themes.
  6. Hi There How do I install Lutfi Free theme? I downloaded the theme and it has two zip files lutfi-blesta.zip and lutfi-html.zip. which one I should install and how? there are no note or documentation available on how to install the theme? Regards TD
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