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  1. Blesta version and company name

    Double post mistake
  2. Blesta version and company name

    Hey, What is the way to get installed Blesta's version and company's name?
  3. Blesta logs

    Hello, Where are the request logs stored? $this->log($this->ifSet($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), serialize($post), "output", true);
  4. .htaccess problem

    Two folders in www. .htaccess is default Blesta's htaccess , mod_rewrite is on
  5. .htaccess problem

    Not Found The requested URL /blesta/4.1.2/order/ was not found on this server. /cache/1 deleted but still
  6. .htaccess problem

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache2 2.4.7 And yes, I am using default .htaccess file that comes with Blesta
  7. Die dumping a variable

    Hello, public function validate(array $get, array $post) { $cgOrder = $this->coingateCallback($this->ifSet($post['id'])); $return_status = false; $status = null; dd($cgOrder); Any ideas how to make cgOrder appear on the screen so I could see what values it holds?
  8. .htaccess problem

    Hello, I do have a problem with htaccess file, which does not let me to go on any on the links. Mod_rewrite on apache2 is on, cache/1 folder deleted. So in my case only index.php page works AllowOverride All is set +FollowSymlinks is set