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  1. arnasfomenko

    Blesta version and company name

    Double post mistake Thanks a lot!
  2. arnasfomenko

    Blesta version and company name

    Hey, What is the way to get installed Blesta's version and company's name?
  3. arnasfomenko

    Blesta logs

    Hello, Where are the request logs stored? $this->log($this->ifSet($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), serialize($post), "output", true);
  4. arnasfomenko

    .htaccess problem

    Two folders in www. .htaccess is default Blesta's htaccess , mod_rewrite is on
  5. arnasfomenko

    .htaccess problem

    Not Found The requested URL /blesta/4.1.2/order/ was not found on this server. /cache/1 deleted but still
  6. arnasfomenko

    .htaccess problem

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache2 2.4.7 And yes, I am using default .htaccess file that comes with Blesta
  7. arnasfomenko

    Die dumping a variable

    Hello, public function validate(array $get, array $post) { $cgOrder = $this->coingateCallback($this->ifSet($post['id'])); $return_status = false; $status = null; dd($cgOrder); Any ideas how to make cgOrder appear on the screen so I could see what values it holds?
  8. arnasfomenko

    .htaccess problem

    Hello, I do have a problem with htaccess file, which does not let me to go on any on the links. Mod_rewrite on apache2 is on, cache/1 folder deleted. So in my case only index.php page works AllowOverride All is set +FollowSymlinks is set