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  1. So blesta won't pass a payment from a paypal sandbox user, unless I activate it manually?
  2. For Invoice and Charge Options, Allow Clients to Change Service Terms & Allow Clients to Change Service Package are both ticked. Same for Client Groups. As I used a paypal sandbox user to makle the order, I think there was as option to set it to use paypal funds. That account is listed as over due now and suspended, with the pay past due button still there at the top. So what do I do now, pay the over due balance with the same sandbox user? to see if the user sees the other service options? It's still gonna go into pending if I remember correctly from the last time. EDIT Ok I went to clients account and just unsuspeded the account to see the other settings, loginned in as text sandbox user. It still shows that Outstanding Balance message up top. I see the extra services now, in the client's panel, under Services, for the package they rented > click Manage. Two Actions: Change Package & Change Terms, cool.. When I click change Terms.. what's the story here.. Packages cannot be changed until all invoices for this service have been paid. Current Service Package WHMSonic - Live Stream - 50 Listeners - Shoutcast v2 Billing Cycle 1 Month Recurring Amount 1x $3.55 USD Updated Service Package WHMSonic - Live Stream - 50 Listeners - Shoutcast v2 Billing Cycle 2 Months Recurring Amount 1x $5.55 USD Subtotal: $-0.55 USD Total: $-0.55 USD
  3. Sorry guys I can't work with this, waiting all weekend for help with somethig that could take 5 mins to fix. I've followed your instructions and set all my packages up under one group, so renters could upgrade or downgrade between plans. There is no options in the client panel to switch between plans, after maually activating the test user's acount. I can't even get past testing it with paypal sandbox. Getting stressed out.
  4. The payment showed up as pending. I then activated it manually to create the whmsonic stream. Continuation..
  5. It showed up as pending for the new client and in staff backend. The paypal ipn was disabled for some other reason, probably another site I'm using with same paypal. My understanding is this path doesn't have to exist in Blesta /callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard So I enabled IPN in paypal with Notification URL https://mysite.it/callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard I dunno what's happening after that, seems the right url? The payment showed up as pending. In the end I just clicked activate to see if it would create the account on the whmsonic server and it did.
  6. I set up a few monthly live stream rentals with the whmsonic module. Used the business sandbox user [email protected] in the paypal module settings, username, password, signature for the sandbox seller. Made a test purchase with my paypal sandbox user [email protected] Picked a plan, signed up and made sandbox payment, then clicked back to merchant. Logged in as test user (sandbox) clicked on Dashboard and see this message Welcome back, dave! Your account has an outstanding balance of $3.55 USD, of which $3.55 USD is past due. Please make a payment at your earliest convenience. Invoices Open 1 Closed 0 Make Payment Invoice # Amount Paid Due Date Billed Date Due Options 1 $3.55 USD $0.00 USD $3.55 USD Jan 13, 2019 Jan 13, 2019 Under Services it looks like the account is pending in the client panel and admin area, The new whmsonic account info is there too, but cannot login to the new stream account, it's not created on the server yet.. Do I have to activate the account manually before it's provioned/created off the server? Why would I have to activate the account manually if it's already paid for? Will this happen every time someone places an order with a real paypal account? Any help appreciated. EDIT Just to add, I went ahead and activated the pending account and it was created successfully from the server. So what's going on with the invoice message above, which is still displaying in the client's panel.. Your account has an outstanding balance of $3.55 USD, of which $3.55 USD is past due. Please make a payment at your earliest convenience.
  7. Hi, Looking at this guide about Paypal Payments Standard module: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/PayPal+Payments+Standard When adding a notification url for Paypal IPN, I don't see any directory in Blesta for callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard Do I still just add: Notification URL https://clients.store.com/callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard
  8. Fair enough, I need to find a header and footer theme and add a few images and links. I did notice if AJAX Slider, AJAX Boxes or AJAX List are enabled, a non logged in user sees the payment options. I thought that would be the same case for the wizard list.
  9. I fixed the paypal standard and stripe modules, yes think it was the fraud protection, I only tryed the checkout while logged in as a test user, credited the test user so I could rent a stream. But still need to test paypal module with a real payment. When I tested it with a paypal sandbox account, I only logged in and the account was provisioned, dunno anything more. While I'm here, I thought a logged out user would still get to see and choose a payment option during the checkout. But I guess they don't se any payment options to select until they are logged in and go through the checkout. Well I'm I better go make a footer for my links and logos.
  10. Has anyone done this? I need to figure this out. I need instructions on creating extra addon services for the centova cast module. Like if a customer rented a 50 listener stream, they could upgrade it to 100 or 200 listeners. If they had an autodj stream, could add on extra listeners or extra storage. From creating packages to what groups they should be added to etc etc. The client should be able to select these extra services in the backend and it will be added to their existing account, including any extra charges etc. Some easy documentation would be nice.
  11. Using the Centova Cast module I setup a few stream hosting accounts, 100 listeners, 200 listeners. I have paypal and stripe setup for payment gateways, they're both selected for all order forms. I selected 5 currencies, USD, EURO, AUD, GBP, CAD. Also same currencies selected in order forms. Logged in as a test user but don't see either payment options during the checkout proccess or anywhere. When I click Checkout and Pay I get a warning: Your order can not be processed at this time. Was lookin at the docs https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/PayPal+Payments+Standard I checked my paypal ipn and enabled it, not sure about that url https://yourdomain.com/blesta_directory/callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard Is callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard a directory in blesta or do I just add it to the end of my domain? There's no directory in my blesta installation named callback. Anyway, I added Notification URL https://clients.mysite.it/callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard Message delivery Enabled Still no luck with the checkout process. I only have a fake email on the test user account. As I haven't got to the stage of selection either paypal or strike, I dunno if that makes any difference. Any pointers appreciated.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to add some custom code (javascript) to the portal section but it won't allow it. Also is there any way to ge that nice wysiwyg editor for the portal? After all, that's the front page of the billing system/store. I think there should be a better way to customize that page. There's no way to add extra links or pages to the nav menu either. This is all I have to work with in the portal editor:
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