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  1. Ok thank you, that worked, sorry I went a bit nutty there, lack of sleep.
  2. Honestly most of this I don't understand, how do do I fix it? It's very confusing, why should the title text change if I only want to change the link text. I mean the text is not changing in the link when I update that title text under it in plugins/order/language/en_us/order_plugin.php There has to be a more convenient way to do these kind of edits. Updating a menu link should be as easy as going to the admin area and changing the link text. Updating that title text "Order" shouldn't affect the text under the link, it stresses me out just thinking about it. Help please, is there a cache issue also?
  3. I updated the $lang['OrderPlugin.client.name'] = "Order"; text in /plugins/order/language/en_us/order_plugin.php But the title text under the link displays different text. I cleared the cache folder and my browser data, it still didn't change. Any idea what the issue is and how to resolve?
  4. OK but I think the WYSIWYG editor would be more convenient there.
  5. EMar

    Centova Cast module login

    I could be having some cache issue.
  6. EMar

    /order/forms/ Change Title Text "Order"

    Ok sorry I was half asleep last night, I'm was referring to that page title "Order" when you click the Order link in the nav menu When you change that word Order it changes the link text and the title under the nav menu. Anyway I have a cache issue now, the lnav link doesn't change properly. $lang['OrderPlugin.client.name'] = "Order Stream Hosting";
  7. Is my order form editor loading properly? Can I get it to load like this: Instead of this:
  8. Good morning, Is the order form editor suppose to load like this: I thought it loaded like the editor in the update products section, which is better..
  9. I did void the invoice after, then deleted the new client, I'll try it again, I'm using a paypal sandbox account, also for the new client signup, Still thought, I didn't go through any paypal login to make the payment. I just logged in as the new client and could see the new centova login info.
  10. EMar

    /order/forms/ Change Title Text "Order"

    I dunno, what if you have different types of products / order forms, Why would they all have the same page title "Order" or whatever you put in OrderPlugin.client.name Like when you're managing the Portal section, it has its own index page title. I've so many ideas in my head that are not really there in the platform.
  11. EMar

    Centova Cast module login

    Ok, At first the module wouldn't connect, it kept saying incorrect hostname or password or something, We did something on the server then were able to connect the Centova module to the server in question, What I meant was, say the correct password for the Centova admin was 43rgg7rg37 If I entered something else like 56uy56 the module still says connected successfully. It's working now but I was wondering why it said connected successfully if it was the wrong password.
  12. Hi, Using the Centova Cast module, Just testing an order form as a demo client (paypal sandbox account) so developer mode is enabled in blesta. Went through the checkout process and ordered a Centova Cast account, $ 3.50 for 1 month. Created an account, used the email from the paypal sandbox account, selected paypal as payment method, Signed in as the new client and the Centova Cast account was already created and waiting, no payment made. I didn't have to login to paypal with the sandbox account to complete the payment. So it provisioned the new Centova Cast account, I was able to log in to the new stream account. There also was an invoice saying i was overdue and please pay 7 USD asap. What should I do? it shouldn't be creating/provisioning any accounts until payment is received right? At least we know the module is connecting that's a good start. Any help appreciated.
  13. Hi, Where do you change the title text "Order" in the order form page /order/forms
  14. EMar

    Centova Cast module login

    Hi, Is it normal for the centova cast module to accept any password? I mean even if I enter an incorrect password, it says The Server was successfully updated.
  15. EMar

    ReCaptcha and Anti-Fraud

    Hi, I have ReCaptcha enabled, does Anti-Fraud need to be enabled also?