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  1. mobbdeep

    Block certain TLD's?

    This worked. Thank you!
  2. mobbdeep

    Block certain TLD's?

    This did not work. I can still choose any of those extensions and proceed onto the order form.
  3. mobbdeep

    Block certain TLD's?

    I am still needing an answer to this. I have been getting a mass influx of someone using .ga, .tk, and .cf TLD's to purchase my web hosting for fraudulent sites.
  4. mobbdeep

    Block certain TLD's?

    Where do I find this?
  5. mobbdeep

    Block certain TLD's?

    Hello, Is there a plugin out that allows certain TLD's from being a supported TLD when purchasing my web hosting service? For example, I want to block .tk TLD's from being supported. Regards, Tyler
  6. mobbdeep

    Feature Requests

    Hello, It would be nice to have the ability to merge tickets when a client opens more than one ticket regarding the same issue. Also, have replied to tickets automatically set to "Awaiting Reply." Manually updating tickets can be a bit time consuming especially when they build up in the queue over time and then having to organize them. Thanks!