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  1. I always had mail settings in Blesta set to PHP as the delivery method because I use Zoho to host my emails and CloudFlare to manage my DNS. As far as the cron job, yes, I updated it as well in crontab -e as I'm running a CentOS 7 VPS. I can go to a client profile, choose "Email Client" and send an outgoing email and it works fine. Same with responding to that email and opening it in Zoho. However, when I use the Mass Mailer plugin, I get the connection refused and same with the cron job when I try running it manually. Never had that issue before switching. Here's my crontab -e Blest
  2. Just upgraded to the latest version of Blesta and I just upgraded to PHP 7.2. Everything seems to be okay except for what I mentioned in the below reply. I was missing some PHP extensions. I installed the ones that were missing. Also, I did notice when I go to manually run the cron job in the Blesta settings, it says "mydomain.com refused to connect" and same for when I use the mass mailer plugin to send an email to all my clients.
  3. Hello, Two things have been brought to my attention recently. First, I just switched to a new hosting provider for just my website to be ran on separate from my cPanel/WHM server. Since I made that change, I noticed emails are going unsent in logs and when I try to email a client from their client profile, I go to hit send and it redirects to a blank white page. I hit refresh and it just refreshes me back to composing the email page. I noticed this happening when replying to tickets as well. Before I switched hosts, I had no issues there but my clients were telling me that once they go to
  4. Where would I implement the service.options?
  5. Thank you, I will go ahead and update those pieces of information. I have 2 additional questions.. 1. Since I am doing 1 month and 3 month terms, do I still setup the package option price at 0.00 like I did for 1 month or should I specify the price for 1 months and 3 months? Also, how do I specify how many domains they can host per WP package? Eg. I see hosting providers offering a package with 1 domain allowed and then another package with 2 domains allowed. 2. When creating the Welcome Email in the package setup, what would the tags be for the Admin Username and Admin Password they
  6. Hello, I am attempting to setup the Blesta Softaculous Auto Installer feature and I'm having some trouble. I followed the video in this tutorial (https://www.blesta.com/tags/soft-auto-installer/) and I'm still not having luck with it automatically installing to the cPanel account once it's provisioned. I am using the same cPanel/WHM server for WordPress hosting as I am with my shared hosting services I currently offer. Below are screenshots of my configurations. Package Group: Package Option Group: Package Option 1: Package Option 2: Package Option 3: Package:
  7. Would this ever be a possibility in the near future for Blesta? I know a lot of people are familiar with another billing software I won't mention and how when their password is updated via cPanel, it updates in their client area so that when they click the "Login" link, it works with their updated password and not give them failed logins because they didn't manually update the password themselves in Blesta? Eg. Change password in cPanel => New password automatically updated in Blesta Change password in Blesta => New password automatically updated in cPanel Change password i
  8. Hello, I noticed that when a password is changed in cPanel via the password changing tool, it does not update the password in Blesta when using the "Login" link. I have been getting tickets regarding IP's being blocked in my firewall due to too many failed login attempts and they indicated they've been trying to login through the Blesta Client Area. I tested it on my personal non-administrator account and this happens. Thanks, Tyler
  9. mobbdeep

    Cron tasks stuck

    I am running no 3rd party modules aside from the cPanel module. 3rd party plugins I am running: Auto Cancel Unpaid Orders Blesta Addons Widget Client Notice Delete Invoices Resend Welcome Email How can I see what services are trying to be suspended? If I can see that information, I may be able to figure out the issue. I believe it may be an account that no longer exists on my cPanel server that was manually terminated and Blesta is now trying to suspend that non-existing account via the module which is causing an error.
  10. mobbdeep

    Cron tasks stuck

    I switched away from a shared hosting provide onto my own Linux VPS for the sake of my own freedom and ability to 100% manage my entire web server. Anyway, I increased the max_allowed_packet and wait_timeout, and I am still getting the same result with the Suspend Services task. Below are my php.ini settings:
  11. It appears adding TLS support properly in my Apache config worked. To those who are using a setup like mine: LAMP stack on CentOS 7 Used @Blesta.Store's tutorial (https://licensecart.com/brain/knowledgebase/398/How-to-install-Blesta-on-CentOS-without-a-panel.html) Let's Encrypt SSL Apache vHost (which you need anyway to use Let's Encrypt) Your Apache config file needs to look like so: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/yourdomain.com/" ServerName yourdomain.com ServerAlias www.you
  12. If I.. curl -L https://account.blesta.com It returns the HTML code for that page. I sent you my php.ini via PM if you'd like to take a look. Again, I didn't make any changes to it that may interfere with the connection or license validation.
  13. I have PM'd you my VPS IP. I just got it the other day from Virmach so hopefully it doesn't come up blocked or anything. Regarding port 443 egress being opened in my firewall, I double checked that and all is well. Also, nothing is set under disable_functions in my php.ini. Just to confirm, opening port 443 egress would be: firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=443/tcp --permanent Correct?
  14. I did the normal of what I normally do when moving hosts. I took a full site backup and a full database backup then uploaded my site to the new host and imported the database. The only difference of the database previously is the username and database name as when I was on cPanel, they were named cpaneluser_username apposed to now on a Linux VPS, it's just username. I didn't do a fresh install of Blesta or overwrote the database or anything. I just put the website on maintenance, took a backup of the database and website via cPanel, then uploaded both onto the Linux VPS running CentOS 7. I eve
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