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  1. Hi, has this theme been fully developed? And where can I buy it? Thanks!
  2. This seller is not good. You should not buy from him. This theme bug a lot, operation is not stable, lack of security. I recommend waiting until the next update when he publishes.
  3. @Paul & @Tyson thanks for the sharing. Tyson's way will make our form an additional value of $0 because my hosting packages are priced between the Location. Paul's Way I'm using it but it's not really optimal, it makes the list in my order form long out. I hope Paul you will develop this feature, I just want to have an option for my clients in the order form like that will easily give them a lot more. Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone, I also the same question above. I want to sell hosting packages with lots of Location so what do I do? I want all to automate. Thank!
  5. The same question, I think you should have an active pattern for us to further consult. Thanks!
  6. Great, excellent, wonderfull 😍
  7. I'm just a businessman. I hope someone will develop it
  8. Hi everyone, I saw a very necessary feature with our Blesta. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4425 If it is updated in the future or an addon written separately it is too great. Thanks for someone through the mind!
  9. Very great, when do you start selling them? I would expect to!
  10. I also have an experience like you but I hope he's still interested in the user. I think these admin components are thoroughly moderated. @Lampard I have also customized a lot on that interface, if you need more exchanges then can touch me. @Jawanet Act away if you don't want us to see you as a hoax.
  11. I figured out the problem. An error is in your view that @Jawanet can you assist me to fix it? I'm using your Lutfi Cloud theme.
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