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    lamlai reacted to Paul in DirectAdmin Module Update - version 2.9.0   
    With the increased demand in DirectAdmin from those migrating away from cPanel, we took a look at the module and made some modifications to improve it.
    During checkout, clients will now only be asked for their domain (not username or password) Usernames and passwords are generated automatically (similar to the cPanel module) There is now a password generator when resetting a DirectAdmin password as a client or staff We'll include the updated DirectAdmin module with Blesta 4.7, but we're including it here for use now in currently supported versions.
    Download Here:
    To Upgrade or Install:
    Back up your installation. Unzip and upload to /components/modules/ to overwrite your current direct_admin directory. Visit Settings > Company > Modules to click the upgrade button for the module, or to install it for the first time. If you have any feedback, please provide it in this thread.
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    lamlai reacted to Rodrigo in [Blesta 3.2.1-3.5.1] Universal Module Workaround: Show Service Fields At Client Panel   

    As other users reported in the forum, this issue is making troubles for services that doesn't have proper provisioning modules.

    By doing the following changes, a Tab will appear at client's manage service page, showing all the service fields that have the public_ tag on their name.

    1. Open components/modules/universal_module/universal_module.php
    private function isUrl($str) { return preg_match("#^\S+://\S+\.\S+.+$#", $str); } Add After:
    /** * Returns all tabs to display to a client when managing a service whose * package uses this module * * @param stdClass $package A stdClass object representing the selected package * @return array An array of tabs in the format of method => title. Example: array('methodName' => "Title", 'methodName2' => "Title2") */ public function getClientTabs($package) { return array( 'moreinfo' => array('name' => "More Info", 'icon' => "fa fa-gears") ); } /** * The More Info tab * * @param stdClass $package A stdClass object representing the current package * @param stdClass $service A stdClass object representing the current service * @param array $get Any GET parameters * @param array $post Any POST parameters * @param array $files Any FILES parameters * @return string The string representing the contents of this tab */ public function moreinfo($package, $service, array $get=null, array $post=null, array $files=null) { $row = $this->getModuleRow($package->module_row); $out = ''; $servicefields = array(); foreach ($row->meta as $key=>$value ) { if (strpos($key, "service_field_name") !== false) { // Here we match the service field label with their key and value foreach($service->fields as $field) { if($field->key == $value) { $name = 'service_field_label_' . str_replace('service_field_name_', '', $key); $servicefields[] = array("label" => $row->meta->$name, "key" => $value, "value" => $field->value); } } } } foreach($servicefields as $field) { // Filter out for showing only public fields if(strpos($field['key'], "public_") === 0 ) { $out .= "<p><b>". $field['label'] . ":</b> " . $field['value'] . "</p>"; } } return "<h4>Service Information</h4><br />" . $out ; } 2. Make sure that the service fields that you want to show to the client start with "public_" prefix

    Setting up public service fields

    Service fields being shown on client's "Manage Service" page

    Download drop-in replacement file (if you don't want to manually add the above lines) (Only for Blesta 3.2.1): universal_module.php

    This file will be overwritten if you update Blesta and the Tab will disappear (there is no other risk or any service data loss). If you change the service field name of a existing field, the data will not be preserved (bug?)  
    EDIT: This still works for Blesta 3.5.1. I'm not sure if it's still needed, but I'm already using it for my production blesta website so there's no way back 
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in [Gateway] Payssion   
    Hello all.
    Today we have released a new gateway for Payssion, the gateway in Test and Beta Release .
    the package require the Pro subscription .
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in [Module] Hetzner Cloud   



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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in Hetzner Cloud Module Comming Soon ...   
    Module Released
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    lamlai got a reaction from Blesta Addons in Server Location Choice   
    +1 For this request.
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in [Module] Logicboxes Reloaded   
    DNS management are comming soon, we are testing it in live production now.


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    lamlai reacted to Paul in Order Form inputs   
    To add to what Tyson said, you need to consider the module that is being used. For example with the cPanel module and most shared hosting panels, you can sell based on location but it won't appear as a configurable option. You'd do something like this:
    Create a "Server Group" in the module (Settings > Modules > cPanel) for each "Location", assign your servers to the right Server Group/Location. Create a Package Group for each Location, called something like "cPanel Hosting - Los Angeles". Create your Packages, selecting the "Server Group" that you created in cPanel for each Location. Create an order form, assigning all your Package Groups to it that you created. The result is you'll have a Package Group, containing Packages, for each location. If you have 5 locations, then you'd have 5 Package Groups, and 5 of each Package. A configurable option instead would cut down on the number of packages you would need. If you want to make a feature request for a Configurable Option that controls the "Server Group", you're welcome to do so. It's something we would consider. https://requests.blesta.com
    Some modules support Configurable Options that can impact location like SolusVM with the "nodegroup" option. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/SolusVM#SolusVM-ConfigurableOptionsOverview
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    lamlai reacted to Tyson in Order Form inputs   
    There are a couple ways to include additional information in that section:
    Update the custom module you're using to accept that field. This is usually done if the module itself uses the value of that field for some purpose Create a configurable option under Packages > Configurable Options. Then, assign it to a Configurable Option Group and assign that group to the package. If the configurable option term/period/currency matches what's available on the package, that configurable option will be displayed on the order form.
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in Notice - Blesta Addons Widget   
    From 2019, we will release a new version of our widget plugin, this plugin will be required for any other upcoming addons to be installed, this plugin has been improved and rewritten to support our upcoming features, like auto update or manual update with 1 click, manage subscription ... ect.
    activating the widget in dashboard is not necessary, but installing the plugin is necessary for other addons to be installed/upgraded.
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in Hetzner Cloud Module Comming Soon ...   
    Hello All,
    Today we want to announce that we are almost finished the development of our new module for Hetzner Cloud. the module will handel, create, suspend, unsuspend, cancel, rebuild(r- install), reset password and change hostname from admin and client area.
    in our upcoming release, we will add support for volumes, floating ips .
    now with this module we will cover the two big companies in Europe (with OVH server module already done).
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    lamlai got a reaction from activa in Hetzner Cloud Module Comming Soon ...   
    This is great, I would expect it :D
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    lamlai got a reaction from Paul in Telegram Notifications   
    Great, excellent, wonderfull 😍
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in Telegram Notifications   
    and someone has developed it yesterday

    we are going to officially support this in out notification center plugin .
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    lamlai reacted to Blesta Addons in Telegram Notifications   
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    lamlai got a reaction from activa in [Module] WHMPHP Module   
    Thank so much!
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    lamlai reacted to Abdy in [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta (Broken)   
    Everyone who requested a refund received it within 24 hours.
    I'm really sorry about what happened and promise to reward the people involved as an apology. Everyone who received a refund, will still receive the license (perk) they originally purchased when the module gets released for free.
    I don't want to make the same mistake again, so this time I'd rather not give a release date. I take responsibility for the mistake I made and I hope to be able to amend my mistake soon and make my best effort to never repeat it again. I don't want to use this as an excuse, I take full responsibility for the mistake I made, but I think I owe everyone an explanation. 
    The development of the module started in the last week of November 2017, but because I had several projects and tasks to do for other clients, I had no more time available in my schedule to develop the module on my own. So I decided to hire a full-time PHP developer in the first week of December to take over the development of the module. However, for reasons unknown to me, the last week of December my developer quit, causing development to stop.  I personally like to make code that not only works, but is also visually beautiful, trying my best to follow the development standards and follow good coding practices. 
    However, I couldn't find another developer that met my criteria, because very few developers are familiar with Blesta. Because of this I started working on the module on my own during the weekends to prevent development from stopping completely, but it still ended up being delayed considerably. Having already finished some of the biggest projects I had, last week I resumed the development of the module again, at half time. Also, last week I got a new developer who will be able to help me in the development.
    During this time I decided to make some changes. The final release of the module will not be called cPanel Extended, as I try to avoid confusion with the ModulesGarden module. In addition, the module will not be released under the CyanDark brand, as I am working on a new site specifically dedicated to sell only Blesta related products. With a development team independent of the CyanDark's team to avoid problems.
    This is one of the most popular modules that I have, and I promise you that I will not let the module die, soon I will publish more news about the progress of development, but I prefer not to give an ETA at the moment, to avoid problems.
    Anyway, I give you my sincere apologies and I hope you can pardon me for my mistake.
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    lamlai reacted to nahanil in [Plugin] Domain Name Suggestions/Spinner   
    Recently got an API key for VeriSign's Name Studio, and thought it'd be a decent opportunity to get my hands dirty with a Blesta integration. I've probably broken all kinds of rules and best-practices in implementing it, but not too far from a workable release.
    Early WIP, but there are a few screenshots below.
    Curious if anyone would find this useful.

    EDIT: FWIW if y'all apply for a name studio account now I should have something out by the time they approve your account. It's free, though does have some generous rate-limiting in place (in which case the plugin will just not show any suggestions at this stage).
    It's a janky process and took a few days - they called me a few days after applying and spelled the account's default password out character by character 😊
    Another edit: Feel free to follow along at home/fork and make fantastic - https://github.com/nahanil/blesta-namestudio-plugin
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    lamlai reacted to Abdy in [Module] LogicBoxes Extended Module for Blesta   
    LogicBoxes Extended
    LogicBoxes Extended For Blesta is a module created specially for LogicBoxes API to enable you to automate the provisioning and management of domains in your Blesta system. With its help you will be able to set up your TLDs & gTLDs with just a few clicks to start reselling them to your customers right away!

    Edit All The Contact Information (Whois) Change Name Servers Set Forwarder Set Child Name Servers Get Authorization Code Change Authorization Code Ability To Sell Private Whois (Using Options) Automatic Synchronization of Expire Date for Transfered Domains DNS Manager  Versions:
    Update 1.0:
    First Version Released. Update 1.1:
    Optimized for Blesta 4.0. Update 1.2:
    DNS Manager NOTE: If you want sell "Private Whois", you need add a Option like the following screenshoot.


    LogicBoxes Extended is available in the Blesta Marketplace for only $49.99 per year or $199.99 one time and you can order here https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/32-LogicBoxes Extended
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    lamlai reacted to Abdy in [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta (Broken)   
    The new version will include confirmation popovers on all irreversible action buttons, such as the "Delete" button.
    There is not yet available.
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    lamlai got a reaction from Blesta Addons in CyberPanel Module (Alpha)   
    Wow, too great, thanks, admin!
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    lamlai got a reaction from Paul in CyberPanel Module (Alpha)   
    Wow, too great, thanks, admin!
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