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  1. isijosamua

    Mysql duplicate entry problem, upgrading from v4.2.2

    Hi @Tyson OMG! I forgot to update this thread since August. 🙈 My problem was solved by reinstalling. Thank you.
  2. isijosamua

    External Domain Availability Check

    It's working great with Namesilo domain module. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone. Recently I've got the above browser error message in the middle of upgrading process (~/admin/upgrade/process/) from version 4.2.2 The same message also appears if I'm trying to upgrade any core plugins in the admin dashboard. I'm using Apache 2.4.34 + PHP 5.6.36 + Mysql 5.7.22-cll-lve Can I have any solutions to fix this problem? Thanks.
  4. isijosamua

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    The issue has been resolved by upgrading. Many thanks Jonathan. Great module btw. 😃
  5. isijosamua

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    Hi Jonathan. I'm trying to register for COM extension. Should I try to upgrade for version 1.8.4 ?
  6. isijosamua

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    Domain transfers require an EPP code to be entered. I just installed version 1.8.3 but why is this message appear when I'm trying to register a new domain directly for a client inside admin dashboard?