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  1. Hi @Tyson OMG! I forgot to update this thread since August. 🙈 My problem was solved by reinstalling. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone. Recently I've got the above browser error message in the middle of upgrading process (~/admin/upgrade/process/) from version 4.2.2 The same message also appears if I'm trying to upgrade any core plugins in the admin dashboard. I'm using Apache 2.4.34 + PHP 5.6.36 + Mysql 5.7.22-cll-lve Can I have any solutions to fix this problem? Thanks.
  3. The issue has been resolved by upgrading. Many thanks Jonathan. Great module btw. 😃
  4. Hi Jonathan. I'm trying to register for COM extension. Should I try to upgrade for version 1.8.4 ?
  5. Domain transfers require an EPP code to be entered. I just installed version 1.8.3 but why is this message appear when I'm trying to register a new domain directly for a client inside admin dashboard?
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