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  1. When I downloaded the module and unzipped it had a different file name. After renaming it to digitaloceanmodule, it appeared on blesta. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I just tried to install this on the latest version of blesta but the module doesn't even show up on the available list. Any thoughts?
  3. One last question pertaining to this matter guys... How do I change the staff name from staff name to company name, instead.. so, On Apr 5 2018 4:46 PM "company name" replied. Thank you again.
  4. I am trying out Blesta to see if it works better than our current setup. So far, very good. However, I would like to edit certain aspects of the "open source" code to make it more keen to my customers and company image. With that said, where can I find to remove the staff name entirely from the client ticket? As shown in the attachment, I'd like to only show the Support Staff portion. Thank you in advance to the team.
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