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  1. I have installed it and there is only EUR currency, could You add USD?
  2. I'm not sure if it was because of DA changes, because reseller plans are not used so often as regular plans.
  3. Perhaps it is related to my bug report:
  4. Hi, in 4.11.1 directadmin module it is impossible to change or upgrade reseller package, there is error: Unable to open ./data/users/admin/packages/webhosting1st_50gb_reseller_en.pkg for reading. the proble is that is wrong path, correct path is: ./data/admin/packages/webhosting1st_50gb_reseller_en.pkg How can I change that path? My client can't upgrade his package.
  5. qba82

    Friendly URLs

    Knowledge base urls should be shorter, and additionally it should allow longer titles of any article in url. For example now any title longer then approximately 45 signs is cut in url.
  6. Guys, could You please tell me which part of code is responsible for that redirection to /order/forms/ after someone go through affiliation link?
  7. A simple setting field, where user can paste redirect page would be perfect.
  8. Hi, now when someone go through affiliation link he end up in /order/forms/ page, I would like to redirect everyone to main page, how can I do it?
  9. Yes I know how to do it, question is: what files should I modify, so every user will see short version of his aff link (xxx.com/a/MQ==) instead long one (xxx.com/clientarea/order/forms/a/MQ==) in his control panel.
  10. You have IP of sender in email header, You must look for email source.
  11. On Affiliate client page there is an affiliate link which user should use, for example: xxx.com/clientarea/order/forms/a/MQ== I will use .htaccess to make a redirect from xxx.com/a/* to xxx.com/clientarea/order/forms/a/* how can I edit xxx.com/clientarea/order/affiliates/ page, so my client will see xxx.com/a/MQ== instead xxx.com/clientarea/order/forms/a/MQ== ??
  12. No, I didn't delete any invoice in that order, I didn't even modify it at all.
  13. If I untick "Order Recurring" and save it, it is still ticked in.
  14. Trying to get property 'invoice_id' of non-object on line 206 in /home/webhosting1st/public_html/clientarea/plugins/order/models/order_orders.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 [internal function]: UnknownException::setErrorHandler(8, 'Trying to get p...', '/home/webhostin...', 206, Array) #1 /home/webhosting1st/public_html/clientarea/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/ErrorHandler.php(172): call_user_func(Array, 8, 'Trying to get p...', '/home/webhostin...', 206, Array) #2 /home/webhosting1st/public_html/clientarea/plugins/order/models/order_orders.php(206): Monolog\ErrorHandler->handleError(8, 'Trying to get p...', '/home/webhostin...', 206, Array) #3 /home/webhosting1st/public_html/clientarea/plugins/order/controllers/admin_main.php(253): OrderOrders->setStatus(Array) #4 /home/webhosting1st/public_html/clientarea/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Dispatcher.php(142): AdminMain->updateStatus() #5 /home/webhosting1st/public_html/clientarea/index.php(21): Dispatcher::dispatch('/clientarea/adm...') #6 {main}
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