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  1. qba82

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    Hi, 3-rd point of installation make blank pages for all blesta installation.
  2. I will pay for simple modification or plugin: select language in product url for example if there is a product: ***************.com/clientarea/order/config/index/shared-hosting/?group_id=1&pricing_id=16 it should be possible to select language for that product, like: ***************.com/clientarea/order/config/index/shared-hosting/?group_id=1&pricing_id=16&lang=fr which will use French translation in this example.
  3. qba82

    [Plugin] Admin Tools (More Options For Staff)

    In this thread it says that with this plugin You can change language in url by adding ?set_language=pl_pl is it true? do I have to pay yearly fee to use it or I just have to buy subscription once?
  4. qba82

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    If I buy plugin do I have to pay after 1 year to use it?
  5. qba82

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    How can I order plugin? There is no add to cart or anything like that button....
  6. qba82

    Language in url

    How about direct link to product? Like: *******.com/clientarea/order/config/index/shared-hosting/?group_id=1&pricing_id=3 does Multi-languages Plugin let me make , for example french version of my main page in ********.com/fr/ and french blesta in ********.com/fr/clientarea/ ? There is really no option to make any little modification, so I could just add anything like &lang=fr to product link?
  7. qba82

    Language in url

    Hello, lets say I got url: ********.com/clientarea/order/main/packages/shared-hosting/?group_id=1 I have installed second language, how can I set language in url? ********.com/clientarea/order/main/packages/shared-hosting/?group_id=1&lang=pl this doesn't work.
  8. qba82

    SMTP username problem

    Ok solved, I had www.domain.com instead domain.com in all mail templates...
  9. qba82

    SMTP username problem

    Hi, I have smtp server, when I send email with thunderbird to email/newsletter tester I get 10/10 points, everything is fine, but when I want to use that smpt in blesta, it send email from mail@www.domain.com, instead mail@domain.com, and of course I get 0/10 and client doesn't get activation emails, where I can set it right?
  10. qba82

    Removing A Package

    I can't delete module because there is server using it, I can't delete server because there is an package using it, I can't delete delete package because service use it, I can't make package inactive because server is already offline, brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!