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  1. text version is not a problem, I get errors only in html version
  2. Yes I know, I checked without "| escape}" tag, in this case password is cut just before < > or &, but if I use "| escape}" tag, then it is not cut but it is showing &amp; instead & and &lt; instead <
  3. Hi, I have applied {service.direct_admin_password | escape} tag, but some chars are not showed correctly, for example: & is showed in email as &amp; < is showed in email as &lt;
  4. Poul, I'm talking about only searching, when 4.10 will be released?
  5. It is not so easy to create multiply paypal accounts, that why we could make blacklist of abusive users paypal accs, so they can't create more accounts. Regarding to IP, yes You can use other IP, but abusers often doesn't change them. It would also help in finding customer, that was seen on website monitoring like analytics or matomo.
  6. Hi, we should be able to find user by his IP or paypal email in search. I think this option is very useful, important and should be easy to implement.
  7. It seems to be closed? https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-1091
  8. What if there is such a tag in email? {service.direct_admin_password}
  9. Ok I will try that.
  10. I mean support European Union Countries, not Euro.
  11. Hi, today another client get wrong password, I just checked Email log, and password was correct there, but client get wrong one, it was cut just after < including < sign.
  12. Hi, guys, You created ton of CC processors gateways which working only in US, and there is literally ONE processor for EU which is garbage Stripe. Could You please create any processor gateway supporting EU countries, like https://fondy.eu , or any other one?
  13. Could You guys at least start with some basic affiliate module? on some point affiliation is very necessary if You want keep growing Your hosting business.
  14. Hi, blesta create automatically password for new directadmin accounts, but when it use special characters like < then it don't send full password to user in activation email, for example: blesta created new directadmin account with password: sdaf3<2f245b53 in activation email for user it will show password is: sdaf3
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