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  1. Hi, let's assume that my client have 8 days before renewal service, in settings I have set "Invoice Days Before Renewal" to 5 days, now I changed "Invoice Days Before Renewal" to 14 days, question is: when client will be invoiced? I thought he will be invoiced immediately, but he is not.
  2. qba82

    Mass mailer stuck

    Hi, I just wanted to send mass mail first time, and it is stuck in 1/3 way, where I can check its progress or any logs?
  3. Yes, You edit article with Youtube, make any changes You need, save, and there is no Youtube video.
  4. When You create Knowledge Base article with Youtube tutorial and save it, it works fine. Problem is when You want edit that article, Youtube tutorial disappear.
  5. Hi, in blesta 4.3.2 , if client will upgrade his plan (DirectAdmin module), he will be invoiced for a difference between current, and new plan, his plan is also instantly set to new on server and he get higher resources, but if he don't pay for an invoice, he is not getting suspended after over due, is it a bug or I must set it somewhere?
  6. OK thanks Paul, I hope it will be it, I'll check it after blesta upgrade.
  7. Ok I probably found when coupons become bugged - it probably happens when new month is starting.
  8. Hi guys, this problem with coupons just happen again, all coupons doesn't work, I replaced most of them with new one, but I keep one so You can check Your self that there is a problem. I can give access to test account and to bugged coupon, so someone from staff can check it himself.
  9. qba82

    Removing A Package

    Is there already any solution for this? I must delete package, but I can't (see my above post), and I can't make it inactive because server is offline. Can anybody point me where is post about deleting it in phpmyadmin?
  10. Coupon was for 30% off for first period (1 year) in dollars. It happens in order form. I can't tell You how to duplicate it, because I don't know what trigger it, but it appeared after some time, while I didn't do anything in blesta , so it must be cron.
  11. Bug: Today that bug has repeated again and what is interesting, I totally do nothing till few weeks in blesta and yesterday clients was using Coupons just fine. So today bug appeared because of cron did something or I don't know? I had this issue already in the past. Description: All coupons that was created (all was for percentage amount for term 1 year) seems to work, when You apply it You get discount, BUT on the last screen, when there are pay options, there is no discount and client must pay full price. Solution: To fix bug You must delete coupon and create it again, after that it will work fine, on the end screen in payment options, client see discount and pay lower price like it should. Blesta 4.3.2, php 5.6, centos 7 x64
  12. Solved: outgoing tcp port 2222 was blocked, instead disable firewall I accidentally restarted it
  13. I disabled firewall and still the same, PHP permissions, which are correct? In module log I get: Input is correct Output has Error and only log is: myserverhost.com a:0:{} EDIT: ok I found out that port 2222 is blocked for my vps, I will have to find out why
  14. I moved blesta to vps, now DirectAdmin module can't connect to my server, what might be a problem?
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