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  1. I renamed blesta-new.php to blesta.php but it still doesn't work 😕 Even tried using the ssh installer but that also gives me the same error. EDIT : I've noticed that when I renamed blesta-new.php to blesta.php and tried doing the command : chgrp apache /var/www/html/config/blesta.php it says that the file cannot be found. I have restarted my server few times but the file is still not detectable even though it shows up under LS command.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm having an issue when setting up my server to meet the requirements for Blesta Installation. I have installed all the required extensions and set up the database, but I can't figure out how to make the files and directories writable by the web server. I am currently running CentOS 7 with apache installed. I have tried using commands like chgrp apache /var/www/html/config chmod g+w /var/www/html/config and chgrp apache /var/www/html/config/blesta-new.php chmod g+w /var/www/html/config/blesta-new.php But that didn't help. I then tried
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