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    Keystirras reacted to Blesta.Store in How much is an owned unbranded license worth?   
    It's worth whatever you and the buyer want to to pay. A lifetime Unbranded if you have that from Blesta is $500 so that or less. If it's a Owned Unbranded license than that depends on how much you paid from the vendor. And domains is being worked on but they don't have a magic wand. If they did they would build Blesta from the future where the competitor you used had 13 years to build on it. If Blesta could travel to the future 13 years ahead and bring that code back to the current 4.0 which was built on 3.0 in 2013 not 2005 then sure they'd have everything.
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    Keystirras got a reaction from Paul in Email Templates?   
    Solved, wasn't using Source button...
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    Keystirras reacted to activa in Existing Credentials?   
    You can add them manually from admin side, client profile action bottom add service. Be sur to uncheck the use module checkbox when you add service .
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    Keystirras got a reaction from Blesta.Store in Blesta Integration 3.3.x (Advanced)   
    Thanks, i got it working  I just needed to take my time and carefully place everything, turns out it was one of my footer Javascripts causing the problem
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