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  1. cloudmate

    tax inclusive

    But the taxable amount for $100 is $9.09 so you cant logically add "$10" because that isn't the tax value $9.09 is...
  2. cloudmate

    tax inclusive

    Literally no idea what blesta addons is saying... This is the only correct way of calculating inclusive and exclusive.
  3. cloudmate

    tax inclusive

    Inclusive = Part of the price. Exclusive = Added to the price. "What is inclusive of VAT? Correct use of the terms VAT inclusive and exclusive. ... Therefore the term VAT INCLUSIVE must be used when describing a price that already includes the tax, and the term VAT EXCLUSIVE when describing a price to which tax is yet to be added to arrive at the final cost." I didn't bother to test "exclusive" in blesta as you know thats not what I wanted... but its clear based on your examples that your terminology is incorrect to mine.
  4. cloudmate

    tax inclusive

    Admittedly Paul was responsive on live chat prior to me signing up - I'm sure he could of just asked me to submit a ticket / bug request / whatever alternative - instead of leaving a open live chat for almost a week now.
  5. cloudmate

    tax inclusive

  6. I'd leave a feature request as suggest at seems weird that these basic coupon options aren't supported. https://requests.blesta.com/ however there is spam there from a month still...
  7. Hello, I'm trying to find coupon options for - new clients - requires another service I'd imagine this should exist I'm just not looking at the right place I'm using 4.2.2 Thanks for your help!
  8. Rather simple, connection refused (resolved) but not a single log to indicate that was the cause looked at blesta's inbuilt logs in the cP and various logs I could find in file manager and nothing.
  9. cloudmate

    tax inclusive

    Spoke to paul 4 days ago with no success hasn't got back to me... Despite setting tax as inclusive its being added to the bill as exclusive $24.95 becomes ~$27.21whats up with that and whats up with live chat with no response for a few days...
  10. The domain manager really needs to be implemented I'm honestly surprised I switched to blesta from whmcs and seriously overlooked how poor the domain system is... I'm left in a awkward position now.
  11. @Paul What ever happen to this I recently switched to Blesta and this is a show stopper the currently solution is atrocious with 1000's of TLDs available now...
  12. Self resolved - It's a shame nothing gets logged for this.
  13. Support Tickets POP3 Added details (using office365) - the cron runs for 1 minute but nothing comes through no errors no nothing any ideas whats going?
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