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  1. Thank you for your reply. Useful tips. I thought that too. I will go for dedicated modules. Regards.
  2. Hello, I wanted to know what are your toughts in a situation like mine. I am having a few web apps (SaaS) and the subscription is managed from Blesta. I have only 1 set right now, and I manage packages and actions (create, upgrade, suspend) from Blesta using Universal Module (that calls a bridge in the application server). I am going to add the other apps to Blesta but i have a doubt. Which one is a best practice for this? Add all the applications to the Universal Module or create a custom module for each application? In terms of flexibility in the future, better organization, prevent future problems, etc. What are your thoughts about it? Another detail, is that probably (if at some point some stuff in the multi-company functionality changes) I would split the apps in diferent companies, and the universal module is too attached to the company for what i see. Thank you, regards.
  3. It is not working on my side. Maybe do you have some additional plugin installed (like the blesta-addons one)? Please consider it. I bet it is easy to implement 😀. I correct my first message, i see an error now. Where i said: "currency=Spanish&currency=3", I meant: "language=Spanish&currency=3" Regards.
  4. Hello, thank you. I have searched in forums, all posts i have seen send OPs to the blesta addons plugin. I was seraching if there is some included feature or some tip about how to implement this because that part of code isn't unencrypted (to check how combobox that change that works). If there is some post that has a closer solution I will be glad if you point it! Thank you, i have seen your modules. But i don't understand at 100% the subscription model and is not compatible with multi-company (you need a suscription for every company). So for now is not an option to me at this moment. Maybe in the near future! Regards!
  5. Hello, i wanted to see if there is some way to set the language and currency in the URL (GET parameter). Right now, I have a multilanguage and multicurrency Website, that links to WHMCS. When the user goes to order, login into the account, register, or anything related to the billing system, i send them to (as example): domain.com/cart.php?currency=Spanish&currency=3 (so he see the billing system in spanish and prices in the particular currency. I can't find how to implement this in Blesta. It doesn't support a similar functionality. I was checking the source code too (for see how language works), and it looks like the core language part for example, is inside the 1% encrypted code (correct me if i am wrong), or i am not finding it. Is there some way to implement this? Thank you, regards.
  6. I don't think so. Of course, is my point of view, i don't think because ("taking in account we use email as username", from the staff perspective): - In our case, honestly, never paid attention to usernames. We identify customers by number or name. Who minds the username is the customer that needs it to login. - Rignt now in Blesta multi-company everything is separated. So staff needs to go to inside the admin of company A for see the company A tickets, invoices, services... so the customer is the customer inside company A, regardless of the username. In change from a customer perspective is more confusing: - He signups in company A using his email. He doesn't mind his name and customer number. But he needs to remember the email (username) for login or restore his password. - He wants to signup now in company B, but is says his username (email) is in use or exists (because exsists in company A). So he tries to restore the password and the discover the username doesn't exists. So, he asks you if the account exists or not, why can't use his email if never signed up before in company B. This point doesn't make any sense. If happens what you say, that someone signed up in company A using the username "example" (again, in our case is the email) and the someone signs in company B using the username "example", the second one did come first in company B and wins. In our case as force email as username, who owns the email account owns the companies accounts because they can get access to it. So if you use someone else email, you loose the account at that moment. (an email verification would make it perfect). Right now how it is, you have to create a new user anyway for evey company. Even if the username "exists or not" in that company. With this change at least you can use the same username if doesn't exists in that company. You go from nothing so something. Anyway, is complex. Not all business runs in the same way. But i am convinced this change that I propose is the right solution from how it works now, fix the no sense error about the pseudo existence of the username, and make the customer life easier. All the rest can stay like it is. Regards.
  7. Hello Paul, Thank you for your answer. Something similar to option 2 is what I mean. The ablility to create a new user for each company using the same username (can use diferent passwords). Not a switch between companies or something like that. Just to be able to use the same username in any of the companies. Not related profiles. Just individual accounts in each company (just in case someone tries to use the same username in another service). What i think, If someone registers using the same username in company A and company B, needs to login in company A to access the services in company A, or login in company B to access the services in company B. Is more, if someone uses the username "example" in company A, maybe another person uses the username "example" in company B. So they are diferent person that don't have to share anything. To sum up, the same username (same person or not, same password or not) can exist in all companies. Access every company separated. Profiles are not related each one. Not switch betwen companies. All this for the customer users. Staff users work perfect just as they work. Thank you. Regards.
  8. I have the same problem here. And i was asked why the can't login with the same email in 2 services (luckily people known for now). And idk if is good to modify the core for this, because the updates. I pray every day to see that change in development roadmap 😄. @Paul is there not way to take a look into this and add this feature to the core? (allow customers to use same email as username in 2 companies in a multi-company setup). Regards!
  9. Hello again, i wanted to do a question related to this topic (specially for who know a little the blesta structure). I want to use multi-company but this of the "unique username" in all companies is not going to work for me. I didn't get multi company yet so i can't try this. But i really need separate the brands, because 2 or the services i will offer are free and then probably much users and same users using more than 1 brand. What can happens if I modify all users in database (table users) changing all the usernames (username field) after registration or when sending the form: For example, in company 1 registers someone with the username "myusername" (or myusername@something, lets take the "myusername" for examples). Then in the register function, i change his username for example to "1#myusername" (lets say in the submit form or something like that, puting something like the company id); Then, in company 2 registers someone with the username "myusername" and is going to be free to use, because the other one is now "1#myusername". So, when register, i register this one like "2#myusername". if someone wants to register in compay 1 or comany 2 now using the name "myusername" that will no be possible because "1#myusername" and "2#myusername" are in use. Then modify the login form and recovery password form for example, so when someone of them want to login or reset password, they use "myusername" and i appned in the form depending in the company they are, 1# or 2# before the username. Can work something like this? Or there I would need to make more major changes? Can this break some functionality? Thank you, regards.
  10. I confirm when i created the 1st package option (the one with error) i saw the success message. The package option was saved, but werent saved the items in the "options section" (or at least when i try to edit these package option they are not there). And i can't update these package option because the error when i try to save. Maybe now thinking, i can remember a little diference: betwen the 1st one and the 2nd one: because the error, i did an upgrade from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1 to try. Now, in the "options section" when i choose "Quantity" and in the "options section" i leave "min" or "max" empty, and try to save, it gives a white screen (wont save), and looking at the blesta logs it gives this error: [2018-08-20 18:46:36] general.ERROR: PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'min' at row 1 in And there is a chance i leaved "min" or "max" empty the first time because they aren't requiered (only "step" is). I don't remember really and i can't confirm it because these records wheren't saved. Idk, for example, would happens that these values can't be empty, and the first time, before the pach, it allowed me to save and there is some error in the DB with this item (relations or somehting)? Anyway, not big deal, i will continue working and see how goes. If i can reproduce the error i put it here, for now i can't, it doesnt happens. For now the only strange i see is these white screen leaving these fields empty (min and max), it looks like if they are not validated before save like the other fields and needs to be. Thank you, regards.
  11. Hello, thank you for the reply. I was trying to set the options in the "options section". I was able to create and save the "options section", but when i reopened the configurable option for edit there are not more the values in the "options section" how there was when i first created the configurable option. And if i try to add the items in the "options section" again, there comes the error (Invalid package option value ID.) when i try yo save changes. The strange thing is that today i tried to add again a configurable option from 0 and it worked. But still, the one i created yesterday says "Invalid package option value ID." when i try to modify the configurable option. Here is te one is not working (the values it shows when i open it -because didn't save the first values i put- and the values i try to set): But here is the one i tried to add from 0 today, it is working fine and i can modify and save it without problems (i did all exactly as yesterday, and used the same options and values): Maybe it is just a random thing as the OP says? Regards.
  12. Hello, did you figure in the past what the problem was? I am having the same problem with Blesta 4.3.1. I do the following: 1) Create a configurable options group. 2) Create an configurable options and assign the group. But them when i open for edit the new option i created there are gone the options and pricings i set before. And when i try to save it says: "Invalid package option value ID.". Attached is the error. Thank you, regards.
  13. Hello, why not at least Blesta allows the same username in the diferent companies (i mean "username" or "email as username", is the same, the login credentials)? Here are my points: CUSTOMER: - Today most services uses email as username. And if they use username, generally you can login using the email too (en user services). We choose alwas for our services, using email as username. - People generally uses 1 personal email account. If we force using email as username we have problems if an user will signup in 2 or more of the companies. - People generally uses the same username in all services they use. Same than before. - Customers forget the usernames they use for services... they don't forget their email and it only belongs to them. Plus to it they can't restore they username right now in blesta. It adds manual work to us. (of course, both options are ok right now, every business has the option to choose) because we are limited in using the same username (or email as username) in diferent companies.. - Right now if a customer want to use their email account for 2 or more "companies" (as username!, or if we force it) they can't do it. As I said in other posts, it makes not sense from the customer point of view if we are showing them as 2 companies (services, brands, the name you prefer). - Again I don't think it is hard to implement. Allow the same username in different companies and when they login for example, only search the users in these company for see if exists. There is not security risk at all. - I think customers don't have to be shared betwen companies. Just have the posibilitiy to use an "username" which is already used in another company. Shared users would be a mess when sending notices for example (because maybe they use just the services of one company) STAFF: - I think all this is not a problem for staff as it is for customer. We can decide how organice our staff (we can't decide how customer mind works). If we want to separate staff, we can handle diferent emails accounts for each (or usernames) and make it totally separated. If we want just one account per staff, now is perfect. I don't think any changed it needed here. Regards!
  14. Hello, are you able to register with the same email address in both companies using the "Use email as username" option? I understand it is possible using the "Specify a username" option (and setting diferent usernames for each company) but not using the previous option (Use email as username). Regards.
  15. Hello, Does someone know if is there any progress on this issue? I am starting working with Blesta for my new projects and thinking in multi-company (for every brand) but I find it a problem. As some said there are users that would like to use 1 email address (or username) for their services. And more important for me, it doesn't look clear from a customer perspective to know they can't use their own email address when buying a service because is used in another diferent service, doesn't make sense (in my opinion :D). I really think it needs to have unique email/username limited to every company (or brand), not the whole system. I think this option isn't too hard to implement, is just one more filter in the login proccess (multi-brand does it with every entity and other parts of the system). Or at least shared users, what i think is more dificult to implement and maybe not correct from a business perspective (or yes, idk). Thank you, regards.
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