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  1. The domain name has its value in it for sure, starting at $100 is reasonable. If your offer to buy is not accepted by the OP, then leave this topic alone and don't try to devalue it. I think OP @eversmile_host you're selling the domain name at a wrong place (although this is a Blesta official forum), thus all the low ballers. Some people don't understand the value in each domain name. I myself sold a number of domain names ranging from hundreds to a thousand dollar each. It's a matter of time, but I wouldn't deny it's also definitely about the niche. You'll have higher chance selling it at a better price when Blesta community grows much larger.
  2. I believe this plugin is still actively being updated. There are quite some differences compared to the core one (not just the bubbles?), which being introduced in very first post of the said plugin's thread. I suggest waiting for Paulo's reply.
  3. Using latest Blesta 3.3, got the below error in the notice email, which is very vague, when automating the creation of the paid service. In this case I am testing to buy positiveSSL from GoGetSSL. I did make sure my GoGetSSL's API password and username are accurate. I even reset the password and apply new password. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you. -- Hi Shyuan, There was an error provisioning the following service: PositiveSSL PositiveSSL -- Client ID Name Email Manage Service The pending service may need to be modified so that it can be provisioned automatically or it may need to be provisioned manually. Error: An internal error occurred, or the server did not respond to the request.
  4. Hi, While I was helping translating from Eng (US) to Eng (UK), I saw the below, though minor but I thought it would help. It should be "deletion" rather than "deleteion".
  5. Hey Paul, you can look at notice on this page: https://www.maxmind.com/en/telephone_overview Hope this helps. I asked them if it's okay to use it now, they said yes, but telephone verification will be retired in near future, so I will have to check with telesign whether they are compatible directly with WHM** or not. This is what they told me 1-2 months ago when I wanted to implement it to my WHM**.
  6. Hehe, such a good developer Just a question, if I am not wrong, this is on the Standard order form template right? Possible to do it in other order form style (although I have no idea how would it be)?
  7. Both Teaser 1 and 2 look great Paulo Thanks for your hard work
  8. I do like the tabs idea. Frankly, I just feel that everyone is just so used to WHM** style and cannot adapt to changes, sorry but this is how I feel. Tabs show clearly what's what, I don't see any confusion there.
  9. Yeah, I mixed it up, I should have said from Paulo, not Blesta official.
  10. Yes, regardless which software is that, they all look like WHM** style. We don't want to go the same route/design/structure, maybe just me. But if we go the same style, then Blesta would be just "one of them".
  11. Maybe we shall wait for Blesta 3.3 and see what improvements made to the domain system. The screenshot looks so much like WHM**, I don't wanna go WHM** route (Current domain system already allows you to do all those, thus I believe you were saying about the structure/design.)
  12. If you use IP as your hostname, then {module.host_name} would suffice. because {module.host_name} = the server IP
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