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  1. breeze

    Force email as username

    Hi all, This worked well - thanks for the input.
  2. breeze

    Force email as username

    Hi all, During the client signup process, either from the admin side or the order form, there is the option to select "use email as username" or "Specify a username" I want to remove the option to specify a username / essentially forcing email as the only username type. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi Paul, After looking into it some more I think you are right. Could you point me in the direction of any material on customizing the order form? Are there any limitations that I should note? Thanks
  4. Hi all, We are looking at using Blesta as our core billing / client platform. We currently have a custom HTML order form that captures input and sends to our other platforms for order creation / updating - including the stage of capturing credit card info directly using the Stripe gateway. We would like to bring Blesta onboard but are stuck deciding on how it would impact our ordering process. 1. Is there a way of using our existing order form, then passing the account creation etc to Blesta + adding CC info against the customer account, or 1a. maybe pass the account creation to Blesta, capture CC in Stripe, and somehow link the token?? 2. do we need to do it the other way around and let Blesta capture the order + CC, then pass the other information to our other systems via a custom webhook/trigger that we build in our Blesta server? I suspect at this stage it might be option 2. Thanks in advance