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  1. alexistdev

    How to configure package using unversal module

    thanks, now it works.
  2. Hello i've a problem, each time i tried to order a domain and when reach this page: https://blesta.domain.com/order/config/index/domain/?q_item=0 https://s15.postimg.cc/8zad1b88b/error1.png always redirect to this page: https://blesta.domain.com/order/main/packages/domain/?group_id=5 https://s15.postimg.cc/msypqlt6j/error2.jpg
  3. I want to sell TLD "TOP" but there is no option available for this domain on my logicbox (my registrar). https://s15.postimg.cc/vewf79sln/TLD.png how to enable this domain "TOP"
  4. alexistdev

    How to configure package using unversal module

    how to insert value for type "select" form input? i've made for datacenter location like this: but its wont appears on member client form order. But when i input only 1 value( SG:Singapore) , its shown.
  5. alexistdev

    How to configure package using unversal module

    i cant find service menu?
  6. alexistdev

    How to configure package using unversal module

    where i can setup this? in which menu section?
  7. Hello, i've tried to create vps package using universal modul, i've put label for input hostname, ns prefix, and password, but there is cant be shown at order area? did i miss something here? screenshoot: order area: https://s22.postimg.cc/sqy3wbru9/universalmodul2.png
  8. I've more than 1 server , and i've added one of my member service, but the server isnt correct . How to change it into the correct one, so he can login into cpanel from member area:
  9. I've moved from boxbilling to blesta, and i want to add 1 of my member domain service to his account on blesta . But the problem is, my member domain doesnt related to any account of my logicbox reseller (because i order from another hosting company). How to add service domain manually , without related to logicbox? thanks
  10. alexistdev

    How To restore data from Amazon s3

  11. I've tried to configure scheduled backup using Amazon s3 on my blesta admin , but i don't know how to restore it or use this backup data ? regards alex