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  1. Thanks for the reply. Hearing that it works from that API tester gives me some things I can try but if I continue to have trouble with it I'll follow up with your suggestions. EDIT: we are definitely sending it as a POST request so that's not the problem at least.
  2. I work for Installatron (a web application auto-installer: http://installatron.com) and we've been installing Blesta since version 3.3.2. But someone noticed recently that when installing Blesta via Installatron that it wasn't picking up a trial license like it used to. The code looked okay but it was a slightly old version of Blesta (4.2.0) so I added 4.2.2 to see if that solved the problem and it did. But now a few weeks later I see that 4.2.2 isn't picking up a trial license any longer. The code we use to retrieve a Blesta trial license from the Blesta website is pretty simple: // get trial key $lickey = $this->fetch("https://account.blesta.com/plugin/license_manager/trial/", array( "domain" => $this->url_domain )); if (empty($lickey)) { $lickey = ""; } This will perform a POST http request with the domain property set to the user's domain. I tried it on two of our testing servers without success. Can anyone see why this might not be working properly or consistently now? Thanks, Rowan@Installatron
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