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  1. Actually the thing didn't work! The client cannot see the login details in anyway Though.
  2. Hello, I own dataserv theme. So, I didn't understood by how will it work? Like will it look for the files from dataserv folder?
  3. xzion

    Free themes?

    Are there free themes for blesta except for lutifi? I'm using lutifi but its bugs are breaking my SSL connections to in-secure. Any other free theme?
  4. But there seem to be one problem, it doesn't show the other lables, it only shows one!
  5. Okay thank you! It was possible by using Universal Module. I am much in debt to you for helping me out this fast. I'll look into your products too. And keep the good work!
  6. WHere can I download the data pools module and also how can I do it with the universal module, wold you explain it in a more elaborate way if you got a little time. Thank you very much!
  7. And say I want to provide VPN service, how will I send the details to them? Any way?
  8. Isn;t there a way to provide details manually. Instead of sending them via ticket isn't there a way to add IP and password for the root? it would be very helpful if it is possible in someway. I don't want them to manage nothing, just they need to be able to see the details.
  9. Did you setup SMTP details? To hit mailbox you need smtp or selinux and phpmailer enabled..
  10. So basically my problem is I don't have a licensed vz deployer like solusvm etc, I manually create VPS boxes from Dedicated server and I need to be able to let my customers view server/vps details when they click on the active service. I've been using blesta since 2016 and never was disappointed but now it has become a hceadache to send server details via ticket and custom email. My clients think my services as unofflicial and a lot of critic that we can't get WHMCS, but I don't want to switch to WHMCS now after years of using blesta and enjoying its clean gui. Any help is much appriciated. Thank you in advance for helping.
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