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  1. Tiny

    VN Domain names

  2. Tiny

    Renewal invoices 4 month prior?

    Thx, found the settings, Had both values on 30, i believe, as default, have changed them both now to 40 for testing. Database is untouched, apart from the chnages advised by you for upgrading support manager It's actually worse, 13 month. I have attached some screenshots. Again: Data are IMPORTED from WHMCS Some personal data blurred the top is the original entry in WHMCS I had similar also with another customer, just can't recall details, maybe 6-8 weeks ago, just can't proof it right now Both cases are domain parking, so clients have 1mb disk space only . Nothing else , like mail ..or ftp.
  3. Tiny

    Error 1023 - Plesk Onyx - NAT

    I know, plesk is very popular. So hundreds, if not more would search and ask for solution. That would have been fixed within hours or a few days. Also Blest is pretty popular. I doubt, you are the only one and then affected. That must be something else, a simple setting or config issue, which nobody here notices. I have a few servers with NAT, I just need them for my work, all VPS. I only connect via public IP, no local IP. I only can approach them via different ports, same as my staff, who are working on there, also me. Different for different user groups and admins. ANd a similar config I would also would attempt with plesk, if you need NAT. I am sure, that pretty near, why you get the setups on the wrong IP
  4. Tiny

    Error 1023 - Plesk Onyx - NAT

    Why you want the server NATed? There is no real reason for this. Open up the router/firewall. . iI am not expert in PHP, but with ssh AND NAT you might need to add/change different ports, if and when NATed. In PHP it might be similar, you might have to add a port to you IP? something like xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:2234 , to get to the other IP, because the standard port :22 is likely used for the local IP? Sorry, your forum link does not work for me
  5. Tiny

    Error 1023 - Plesk Onyx - NAT

    I think, that is done via ..../admin/settings/company/modules/manage/3/ Add a package just for server (x) and other for server (y) Your packages might have names like admin_packageone .... and the other server nimda_packageone (depending on server name/IP ... And if you group the servers, you should be able to run the same package name. I am not that long on Blesta, but my understanding is, one server = full, the next in the group ised. The you need the same serer_package in both
  6. Tiny

    Error 1023 - Plesk Onyx - NAT

    "Plesk API xml request package for add:webspace has two fields for IP address...one is server ip and second is hosting account IP...this is logic because you may want to have different IP for hosting accounts......" Yes, but I assign static IPs after the account is created (cPanel)and I am not using a local IP, just the public one(s) Unless you sit next to server, you should not need a private IP, and still, you can start it as normal.
  7. Tiny

    Error 1023 - Plesk Onyx - NAT

    What does happen, if you change the order of the ip addresses? It just might use the first in list. Alternative, assigning different ports? If you use NAT, you can use a dynamic IP and reserve it in DHCP for your server.
  8. Tiny

    Renewal invoices 4 month prior?

    I have noticed, that renewal invoices are going out well 4 month prior due. Have not found any setting, which is somehow defining near such long period before. Two month prior will suffice as 1st, one month as 2nd .... . Where I can adjust;fine tune this?
  9. Tiny

    Listing packages on portal screen

    Oh, thx mate. I will bookmark this as a starting point and try to get it working. It will take a while. I am not the fastest and it's anyway only a decorative issue, low urgency
  10. Tiny

    username not email as user id

    This should be possible with a bit of css, visibility: hidden ; display: none; height: 0 ....
  11. Tiny

    Listing packages on portal screen

    The oder form pdt's ain't really the problem. An old classic, mysql ... could work this. the worry is, the landing page, portal, does not accept/execute any php.
  12. Tiny

    Listing packages on portal screen

    Not really. Just basically the actual /order/forms/ (this looks to ugly as start page) , however, this could be good as amnu (left side for me) and/or a selection of products eg: domain names and then display a list of all avail domains, incl price ..., hosting packages | description | Price /..........j ust a order form, without any registration The problem for me, the portal page does not accept any mySql query/code at all. I am almost sure, there is a kind of feed ora script, which could populate this, within the portal screen Somehow, I can already the /order/forms/ and hard coding the links, but the actual packages, pricing, description, I fail Something like in attachment, I like to archive. This from whmcs, so that all packages can be listed. I don't need the html or css parts, just somehow, a strting point and if not clean php, as I can, then the points, where to add the classes. Ignore currency above , as this is ALMOST to 100% sorted' Fetching package | description, if | price ..and maybe applicable options. ideally per group (order form) Sorry for late response, but spend to much time in hospital, aslo for coming weeks ongoing
  13. Tiny

    Cannot add new department after update

    Me too, but only in 4.31 There are for sure more and different configurations out than only yours
  14. Tiny

    Listing packages on portal screen

    Is there a reasonable way to list automatically packages on the portal screen? PHP scripts don't run in there. Ideally I want something like: Domains | Price , Package | Price , similar to the order pages, just without the registration.
  15. Tiny

    Domain Transfer does NOT WORK at all

    Yes, I also done logicboxes. I was already aware, that as admin is no option. However, as customer, I also failed. Blesta was not adding the domain as new service or invoice .... Just going back to domain selection. If it would have worked, I would not have mentioned this. One special however is on this customer - the account name is very different from the domain. He had opened that many years ago.... I am not sure, if that could be the reason