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  1. Tiny

    How To Transfer Domain From Admin Panel?

    Ok, thx a lot
  2. Tiny

    VN Domain names

    THX, FINALLY, after overwriting another time, I got it to show up, still not about password, username ... but will figure that out is well
  3. Happened just today, a customer asking to transfer his domain to us. How tp do? I not see any options. I know, that was aksed before, but I don't see any answer or solution Tiny
  4. Tiny

    Affiliate module for Blesta

    yep, mostly in licensing and pricing side
  5. Tiny

    Php database connection

    THX, it was/actually planned for the ... see PM Tiny
  6. Tiny

    VN Domain names

    THX, gonna work that soon (again)
  7. Tiny

    What is cost of developing a blesta module?

    A lot of sweat and headache //end sarcasm
  8. Tiny

    Php database connection

    Hi all, I am a php (lamer) and about to play a bit with coding, a simple php-file as for now coming that far <?php $servername = "localhost"; $username = "xxx_user"; $password = "99999999"; // Create connection $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password); // Check connection if ($conn->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error); } echo "Connected successfully"; ?> The above connects fine. Needing to read out the corresponding values from /config/blesta.php Anyone can push me the right way? Tiny
  9. This should be quite easy to make: Backup/download the mysql database, create a new one, back it up is well. With a tool like meld, you can move all over to the new one, just don't overwrite. After, restore the changed datbase
  10. and you can change/create tickets and also change the status?
  11. Hi Paul, despite inactive package and never sold, no active service, I still get "The term could not be removed because it is used by one or more services" . Its me enither showing where. Some other packages, I now can remove currencies. Is there a way, to find the e, where the message is referring to? Ideal would be something, user xxx has this service term xxx / currency xxx Due to currency converter / update issue, I want to reduce all package pricing to only the base currency, so that I hopefully whenever remove the unwanted/not needed currencies, as they are not uodatingwithin the package
  12. In my case, a lot files did NOT overwrite when uploading for upgrading via ftp. But it's sorted now
  13. Tiny

    VN Domain names

    I believe all of you.However, instructions say clearly on the project side: Upload files to components/plugins/universal_domains/ // ok Update the supported domain extensions in config/universal_domains.php // not see a place, where to enter Install the module in Blesta -> Settings -> Modules -> Available. // no new module showinf up Click Manage beside the Universal Domains Module. Enter a username and password for the Whois API. Enter your support email address if you'd like clients to be able to update nameservers via support ticket (automatic email). Other mentioned locations, it also did not show in Blesta -> Settings -> Modules -> Available. Is just a matter of happening
  14. I have the feeling, the error is caused by some file(s) not overwritten when upgrading. I had similar, no ticket was changing status, but updates where stored
  15. Tiny

    VN Domain names

    No, I am not able to get a step further, than I am. Just hoping, that someone knows or sees, what I am doing wrong