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  1. lol, it's still the same, they asking since 4 month bliesta advertises as: Owned Lifetime was $500 one-time Lifetime Support & Updates Re-issue license anytime in the client area Host on your own server Access to all future beta releases Can remove "Powered by Blesta" branding
  2. Nope, not DQ. I remember somehow that is working only for C Card and this ACH payments. , both not enabled, should somehow hide that field. There is somewhere a topic to that, with a more clear description
  3. They should begin like this: |/home/user/public_html/site/plugins/support_managerpro/pipe.php I also had serious trouble, to get it working,. Also you likely need to set a hashbang and chmod to executable
  4. Blesta Owned Lifetime licence for sale. First reasonable offer can take. PayPal only Tiny
  5. Lamer Note: 1) Read iit again in 20 minutes; If your status remains, repeat 1)
  6. "Support Tickets and full data import from WHMCS " did not work for me. Customer data data where imported pretty good, with minor hickups in customer services especially in provisioning/renewal dates and some more serious problems on invoices, credit invoices- turned out to paid invoies - so a number of invoices appeared double ... "Existing PayPal IPN recurring payment profiles" At least your (admin profile) does "Knowledge Base import from WHMCS" did not work for me at all "Theme integration " no way. They are far to different by design and structure
  7. The trial does not allow installation of modules ...... only absolute minimal, at least about half a year ago
  8. The worth should be higher. I would call it the price, you have paid ..... Blesta has a few bright sides ..., however, the opposite side is the dark side. It really depends on what you gonna/wanna do with it.
  9. I would assume, that they use a own. shell scripted backup. This is not difficult to make. CPanel is usually only lame, if the server is busy. Like most providers, they will host websites on some VPS and backing up those as whole (also likely just the home directories) and their VMS systems seperate. Unless you know any insiders, I doubt, you can find out exact details. In caase of dedivated servers, it still might be as above cPanel backups from root/admin are stored by default on /backup/ftp/ftphummyde/outgoing/2018-11-14/accounts/uenwxrmr.tar ......... but they will likely use a separate server. Those, users can do are normally stored just in the root directory of USERNAME My backups running as shell cript from a remote server, initiated from remote and then pulled to remote
  10. Yep, I am on logic boxes. and therefore I really see the difference between WHMCS and BLESTA. I just wait for the update from Blesta to see, if it is supposed to be happen in within my future life expectation or if I return fully to WHMCS. TET seems about a good time to switch back. Then orders are on it's lowest and all staff away
  11. I have currently all paused on blesta and make my entries manually, after doing it in WHMCS. If there is no hope left for estimated rest of remaining life, I actually bet, WHMCS was crap, but still the better option
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