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  1. gibs

    Bitpay constant refresh

    I tried exactly as you suggested, however the constant refreshing still occurs.
  2. gibs

    Bitpay constant refresh

    Is it possible this could be related to the BTC price for the product being shown as "0.00 BTC"? I just noticed that when attempting to purchase a product that's listed as "0.01 BTC", during the checkout process when selecting the Payment Options it changes the displayed price to "0.00 BTC". This ends up instantly marking the invoice as "paid".
  3. gibs

    Bitpay constant refresh

    Hi Paul, I am unsure what is causing the refresh. My guess is it's attempting to redirect to the payment gateways hosted page, however it's failing in some way? I have Blesta on a cPanel server under a subdomain, which points to a path of "/home/user/clients/" therefore is not under public_html and only accessible via the subdomain. I have not integrated Blesta into my website at all, this is a fresh install that is being prepared for production use. Attached is a screenshot of the Bitpay button on the final payment page, I'm not sure if this helps at all? Reviewing the console and network tab in devtools doesn't reveal anything helpful, all network requests return 200.
  4. gibs

    Rounding error in price

    Thank you for the suggestion. How would I accomplish this? I tried setting USD as the default currency, gave BTC an exchange rate of "1.0", removed BTC pricing from the products, and disabled the "Use Package Pricing for New Services Only" setting under Currency Setup. I am unsure how to display the price as mBTC instead of BTC.
  5. Hi there, On my Blesta store I'm accepting Bitcoin using Bitpay. Sometimes the items are configured with a price of "0.00801" Bitcoins, the problem is this value is displayed as "0.00" when visiting the client-side store, and can be ordered for this price (free). I have configured the BTC currency to have a precision of 4, which is the max. The price should not be rounded up to "0.00" because this means the user gets the product for free. Also the price should be displayed correctly in the client-area. I am running version 4.3.0. Thanks
  6. gibs

    Bitpay constant refresh

    Hi I have the Bitpay payment module installed and configured. However when I go to the final checkout page with the Bitpay button, the page refreshes every 3 seconds and clicking the button does nothing except refreshes the page. Does anyone how I can fix this? What further information do you require? Thank you
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